Calling it a night...or morning!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I did not notice the time! It is already quarter to the morning!!! No wonder I am all tired, and palpitating! Geesh, I'm on a blog roll! How I wish I have the same mojo to scrap, LOL! I plan to scrap real soon, though, so I can make use of my free photobooks from Artscow, and especially that I learned a neat trick from Amore (use of another software, aha!)

Wait. Mareng Beng and to all my other readers, if you want 1200 FREE prints (pay for shipping only), click here :) This isn't a hoax, I just ordered my fourth batch of prints and I expect to receive them in about two weeks :)

Okay peeps, hitting the sack now :) Will do an Abi update after mass today. Laters!! :)


While doing the marathon posts, I heard water dripping in the bathroom. I decided to take a look because I don't like wasting water. Alas, the faucet seems busted again! I guess we have to call the plumber to fix it. This house needs some serious renovations! If I can have it my way, I would choose to install a Delta faucet, so most likely we won't need fixing in a couple of years afterwards. I went to the website and found out that these kind of faucets are of high quality yet stylish.

To the husband and brothers, I hope you won't ask me what I'm talking about ;p But we can discuss what needs to be done, hmkay? :D

Dinner out with friends :)

Friday night, Ane allowed me to go meet my friends for dinner at Kamay Kainan in Trinoma. He and Abi would have gone with me especially that Mons. Bart haven't met Klaire yet. But the paranoid mommy that I am, decided to let them stay home, hehe. It was a good night chatting with friends and a welcome break for me. Thanks Ane for letting me go and for babysitting Abi :) The dinner was for Jeff who is in town for a vacation (he also sponsored the dinner, yey, thanks!). And as if the hours we spent together wasn't enough, we are meeting again this Wednesday and they were kind enough to set it near here (note that they all live in Bulacan!), Saisaki EDSA.

See you guys again real soon! Thanks Beng for the pics :)

Poor Betty!

Have you heard? I was honestly surprised since it's been a while since I had my Archie comics fix.

In issue 600, available in stores in September, Archie will propose to Veronica in time for their graduation from Riverdale High School.

My heart breaks for Betty. When my brother told me about the news, the first thing I asked him was "How about Betty?!?" I know it's always been Ronnie in Archie's heart but I've been wishing Archie would realize Betty is the better girl for him.

Maybe I'll grab a copy and see how it will go. But deep in my heart, I'm hoping there will be a twist and Archie will have a change of heart.

Yes, I'm "Team Betty" all the way!

Image source and more of the story here.

I need a makeover!

When Ane forgot to bring back some of my panlakad clothes from Malabon, I started to complain again that I have nothing to wear anymore. I know I have enough but I think I am now bored with my wardrobe. See, the last time I shopped for myself was in December and those clothes I cannot wear anymore because they're maternity blouses! And I'm glad that Ane said I could now schedule shopping and he will provide me the budget! Yay!

Problem is, I'm not really into shopping. Heck I can even buy wholesale clothing, wear the same things over and over again and I would still feel okay. But I feel I really need to update my wardrobe badly! I am so ready to bid goodbye to losyangness (of course I made up that word!).

Gawd, I need a stylist!

Abi is four months old today!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My little Klaire turned four months old today. Ane had work so we just stayed at home, and in the afternoon I bough a cake and had Pancit delivered here. Plus I choose staying home these days (or at least not bringing Abi where the crowd is big) because I am one paranoid mommy. The AH1N1 scare is turning me into a big worry-wart!


I will have a longer Abi update entry later when I’m done with some work.  I had limited internet time today so I have a lot of catching up to do! :)


I have been meaning to organize and de-clutter our Quezon City room. I already did some cleaning before I gave birth to Abi but I feel I can organize some more. Our space is limited that I feel I can do so much better. I already have those large 18'' x 18" x 16" moving boxes (you know those types used as Balikbayan boxes), to be marked “for storage in Malabon” and “for charity”. These boxes are best for the stuff like books and toys. And I can probably buy boxes for the clothes. Now, all I need to do is to actually find time and sort our things out.

The next question is “when?” That I still do not know, LOL!


Friday, May 29, 2009

If you read the previous post and found it senseless, well, maybe because it came out senseless, LOL! Although I feel better, my head is still heavy and spinning I can’t even organize my thoughts.


Makes me think if I’m really supposed to be ‘writing’ at all.


Contemplating on leaving the net for a while. Simply tired. Plus it’s that time again when I’m not really sure what I want to do with my life, professionally, that is.


We’ll see.


For now I am a full-time Mommy, that’s my career! And I’m loving it!

Should be a good day…

Yesterday was not so good (except that I got a high score in Bejeweled, LOL!). I woke up feeling really sick, well I was sick. I got Ane’s virus and I hope I won’t pass it on to Abi. I slept early last night and I had a good rest.

I could tell, coz I woke up feeling so much better. Not yet 100% a-okay, but better. I have a dinner date with my friends later, and I’m glad I’m fit to drive (just thinking about the rush-hour traffic makes me tired already hehe).

Anyway, before I leave later, I need to finish the new image for brother’s website, clean Abi’s bottles, look for a nice shirt to wear, etc.  And I need to rest some more.

I so need a break, and that’s what I’ll do after I publish this :)

Reality bites

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was choosing pictures to be printed and realized that we haven’t had Abi’s pictures from March printed yet. So I browsed the files.


Something hit me. I started to get teary eyed. Fine, I was oversensitive when people (who matter!) would comment that Abi was too skinny back then. I would get defensive and say that’s because we’re still waiting for my milk to become sufficient. Yes, I felt guilty back then and also felt so inadequate. Yet I was too stubborn to give in thinking that I am doing what is best for my daughter.


I was crying looking at Abi’s pictures in February and March. My Klaire looked (or really was!) malnourished! The picture on the left is  better than most of the shots, I had to choose this picture so I won’t feel too bad. She was practically skin and bones! Was I a bad mother? Her pictures are telling me that I was a fool and that I wasn’t armed with the best information available.


Now I look at my little princess and decide that she’s better off with formula.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Just the other day I was ranting about how heavy I feel. Then I realized I’ve been eating more than I should. And I am taking in too much calories, too much sugar! Bless my cholesterol, ugh. I’m seriously considering taking some top weight loss pills. But I realized I should try to discipline myself first, LOL! Pills do wonders but that can wait and could be my last desperate resort. :)


It bothers me that I am losing sooooo much hair. If you know me personally, you also know that I really have thick kinda wavy hair. Normal hair fall in a day is about 100 strands, I think I am losing 3 or 4 times more! But then this is normal postpartum. Sigh.  Pregnancy and Parenting websites say it is because of the hormonal changes and everything should be back to normal on the 6 to 12th month postpartum.


Now I wanna get a haircut just to make it look healthier than now.


Hay, I’m still sad.

You’ll be mine in July!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It is not a secret that I want to have a point and shoot camera but I could not purchase one just yet. Because Ane said so and that I should wait. I understand his reasons since we already have our Nikon D40 and Lumix FZ5 (a prosumer), plus our old Cybershot is still fine except that we need to upgrade its memory. I just want a new P&S so I can take Abi’s pictures regularly, and having to lug two big cameras around all the time is an extra chore as it is!

I think my delay in gratification is going to be rewarded soon! :) Real soon :D

We already sold our Lumix and I sold some of my used and unused things. And Ane said I can keep the proceeds to buy myself a camera! Woohoo!

And then I heard my cousin is coming home from Wisconsin in July. So what better time to buy a camera than waiting for the July 4 sale and letting C bring it home for me?!? I have my eye for this Nikon S630. Although it doesn’t have a viewfinder, which is number one in my musts, I’m trusting my guts and the article I found that says new Coolpix models have anti-glare LCD’s (but alas, I could not find again where I saw that information, argh). I am so excited I already wanna buy extra SD’s for I don’t wanna lose precious shots and moments, just in case! Someone I know recently had to buy an extra compact flash memory card for her camera because her old one got an error or something. I sure don’t want that to happen to me!

I am telling you, I will get my camera via my cousin or otherwise, before July ends! I can just feel it! :D

Abi’s smilestone today :)

I just want to blog about  it before I forget!


Yesterday, we noticed Abi trying to roll on her tummy. But she could not lift one of her legs yet. Needless to say, she was unsuccessful. I said I’d give her another week or two, and she’ll be able to roll on her own.


This afternoon, I let her play on the bed. I noticed again that she was trying very hard to be on her tummy. AND SHE DID! My baby made me so proud today! I was clapping and laughing and commending her for a job well done!


I texted my Mom and she said Abi did it early for her age. So I asked my friends. Chikai’s Jaden is younger than Abi by about 3 weeks, and he already rolled three times but on reverse LOL, meaning from tummy to back. Donna’s Marlie who’s 4 months older than Abi did it on her 5th month. My niece Tori, now 2yo, did it when she was 4.5months. So can I now really say that Abi was early?!?! I’m more proud!


So there. Let it be recorded that Abi rolled on her tummy, by herself, today when she is 3 months, 3 weeks, and two days old!




ps. But there’s no picture, argh!


I honestly feel fat and overweight.  I woke up the other day feeling so heavy and sluggish. I wish I can go back to the gym or at least to the courts to play badminton.  I wish I can have more physical activities outside of home. Do not get me wrong, though. I love staying indoors taking care of Klaire.  But I also miss (and need to use) those steppers, treadmills, weights in the gym…plus I still have some PT sessions left! And I miss the rush that badminton used to give me.


I need a work-out!!!!

Abi meeting my Grandparents…

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One of the things I planned to do while in Obando is to visit my grandparents so they can finally meet their great granddaughter. My dad’s father just got out from the hospital, so it was also fitting to go and visit him at home. And I made sure we have pictures to keep!


DSC_1865 DSC_1858 DSC_1861

The lighting was pretty poor in their house so the pictures came out blurred and noisy. I hope I can still rescue them. I need to check on my tutorial links!  And then we were resting in my parents’ receiving area when my Mom’s dad dropped by. Yey, we didn’t have to walk under the heat to their house! :)


I’d say this is a rare picture because it has four generations in it! Oh how I wish my Nanay Bene is still alive so we could be all girls in this photo. And I say my Abi is super lucky that she’s able to meet my elders. I just hope she’ll still be able to play with them when she’s a bit older.

I’m gonna have these printed soon so I can give them copies as well. Some of my Artscow printing credits will expire soon. Don’t you just love getting stuff for free?

Someone needs the Derma’s help!

Someone close to me is breaking out. I’m not gonna say anymore who this person is because the zits have already made him (yes, it’s a boy!) pretty conscious when out in the public. So why announce it to the www, right? Hehe. Anyway, we’ve tried some OTC remedies but those did not not help at all.  So I think the solution is for him to visit my dermatologist so she could prescribe him some top acne treatment. Maybe we should do that real soon! Need to check the clinic’s numbers now! :)

Random Questions # 5

Snagged from Chikai


  1. 1. Who was the last person to call you baby? Probably the husband. Probably because I don’t remember anymore LOL!
  2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Not exactly “return” it but we place it where it won’t bother anyone.
  3. Has someone ever sang a song to you? Yes, the most memorable one was when my Mom sang “IKaw” to me during my 25th birthday party.
  4. Do you play Sudoku? Yes, I love Sudoku but haven’t played in a while. I need to get a new compilation!
  5. If abandoned alone in the wilderness would you survive? I think so.
  6. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you would do? Pick Abi, call everyone to go out of the house, and call for help. But seriously, this is one of my worst fears, I hope this doesn’t happen to us!
  7. Who was the last person you shared the bed? Ane and Abi
  8. Why did your last relationship end? Because he was a fool! hahaha.
  9. Where was the farthest place you traveled? California from Asia :)
  10. What movie do you want to see right now? I don’t even know what’s in the theaters now, hehe.

I thought Summer has left?

It’s pretty hot today, even yesterday! We had to turn on the a/c early today because Abi started to get cranky. What’s with the weather, huh? Good luck when the electricity bill come, LOL!

Anyway, I was texting with my cousin-in-law this morning and she mentioned inviting us to a swimming outing somewhere. The idea excites me, especially that I haven’t bought any swimsuit or pool toys for Abi yet (read: shopping means stress relief right?!). And besides, we haven’t gone on a summer getaway yet. But I think Abi’s too young to be exposed in public pools, so an outing can wait. Maybe later this year, or next year.  We also have a Puerto Galera trip in the list!

Plus, I’d rather stay indoors and lounge in an airconditioned room! :) So stay home it is, for now :)


We actually got back on Tuesday afternoon but I did not get the chance to update my blog right away. I had to fix the weekly food supply in the freezer, then do Abi’s laundry that when I finally had the chance to sit down, it was already late and I had to continue the project for my client.

We had a good time but it was tiring. Must be the heat for the last few days! Anyway, I’ll be back for more stories and expect lotsa posts! I’ll do that tonight, hopefully because later today, we’re bringing Abi to her Pedia for the Monthly well-baby check-up.

Okies? laters!

Going offline

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'll be totally offline for three days, starting tomorrow Sunday until Tuesday evening. We'll be staying in Malabon, where we just had the internet connection cut since we transferred the PC here already. Malabon is near Obando. We'll be attending the fiesta celebrations to honor the three patron saints: St. Pascual, St. Clare and Nuestra Senora de Salambao. Remember last year, Ane and I were there to pray for a child. Now we are returning to present our dear Klaire and to give thanks. It's going to be a yearly tradition for us.

I haven't packed our things yet and I plan to squeeze doing some work before we need to leave. I have about 6hours to finish everything, Ane will still play badminton anyway. Okay, I need to wrap this up now. But before I go, can someone suggest some diet pills that work? A friend is asking for advice to lose weight.

See you peeps on Tuesday!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Have you noticed that I haven't been blogging regularly? One, there are no tasks. Two, I'm still busy with the work for my client. Three, there's really nothing much to share anyway, or there's nothing worth sharing (You don't want to hear me complain about things now, do you?).

So there. I'll be back for better updates! I am so looking forward to spending days in Obando (and in Malabon!) from May 17 - 19 for the fiesta. It's going to be Klaire's first time and it's gonna be a yearly Thanksgiving practice for us to go there starting this year.


Klaire, three months.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

My last post was a week ago, and it wasn’t even a real post, kwim? I got really busy with the project I’m doing for a client. Plus my dear Ivy, conked out on me (pero nagpapabibo for two days na, hindi nagloloko!) that we had to make a quick trip to Malabon to get our desktop PC.  And then there’s the internet problem that has not been resolved, it’s been three days. Well, just don’t ask how I’m able to go online today, okay! LOL! Anyway, enough of the reasons!


Here’s a picture of Abi and Sissy, third month :)


Abi says: Watch me grow! Here’s our picture last monthAt three months, she still co-sleeps with us and moves a lot in bed that the queen-sized bed isn’t enough! Just imagine having to share the bed with an XL-sized husband and a baby who kicks around in bed, you’d ask me how I’m able to get any decent sleep, haha.


In April, she caught her dad’s and ninong G’s virus and had coughs and colds. Poor baby, I felt she was too small to get sick! My Mommy said I need not worry but that didn’t stop me from bringing her to her Pedia (libre naman, thanks to Maxicare!). Her doctor was amused at me probably because I looked too panicked, LOL! Anyway, Abi was prescribed some Ambroxol and the coughs went away after a couple of days. It wasn’t hard administering the medicine to Klaire, for that I am so glad. And then Vitamin C was added to her usual multivitamins, for extra protection :)


Lastly. I’m sad to report that Abi is totally weaned from breastmilk :( She just stopped and didn’t want to feed from me. Expressing was out of the choices because I had little milk. Maybe she found it way too easier to feed from the bottle. What’s positive about this is that she has become happier and easier to care for. She plays on her own and amuses self by cooing and smiling at someone I cannot see, her angel possibly, as long as she’s not hungry :) Because she’s a happy child, I can leave her with her Daddy, and Ane won’t complain. I get to go on short trips out – to the supermarket, bank, hospital, etc – and still come back to a happy daughter and husband.


That’s about it, not much milestones to share. But Klaire’s April random pictures are posted here. ‘Til next monthly report! :) 

Pacquiao-Hatton fight, summarized :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Found this in Yahoo Sports, by Kevin Iole:

Round 1: Pacquiao hugs trainer Freddie Roach just before the bell sounds to start the fight. Crowd is cheering and singing. Hatton goes hard to body and referee Kenny Bayless warns him to keep them up. They’re clinching a lot. Hard right hook by Manny. Jab and a hook to the body by Ricky. Hard straight left by Pacquiao. One-two from Pacquiao and they clinch. Combination from Pacquiao on the ropes stuns Hatton. Four-punch combination by Pacquiao. Hatton is is down from a right. About 45 seconds left. Huge combination by Pacquiao. Hatton is getting drilled. This may be it. Hatton down again.
Pacquiao wins round, 10-7

Round 2: Right by Hatton early. Good combination by Pacquiao. He’s hurting Hatton with those shots. Right hook lands by Pacquiao. Three-punch combination by Pacquiao and Hatton wobbles. The speed is way too much for Hatton at this stage. Right hook again by Pacquiao. Hatton goes to body and is warned for holding and hitting. Straight left by Pacquiao and theny bang heads. Right by Hatton lands flush, Pacquiao takes it well. Combination from Pacquiao backs Hatton to corner. Right hook to body by Pacquiao. Left hand by Pacquiao knocks out Hatton. The fight is stopped at 2:59.
Pacquiao wins by knockout


Wehehehe. Found myself reading while holding my breath :p