Klaire is Nine Months Today

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our darling Abi turned nine months today! Where did the time go?!


I have more pictures to share (we celebrated at home with a cake, ice cream, pancit and soy chicken). And of course the monthly updates, for my time caplsule. But I am running out of time! At least half of what I planned to do today aren’t done yet (and it’s 8pm!).

Later, I promise! :D

Nursing a headache

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After the colds last week, I am having a headache tonight. I don’t know why my head suddenly hurt before dinner. I know it is not because of lack of sleep because I got to nap this afternoon. Well, I should have skipped eating that slice of Black Forest cake from Red Ribbon! I think the chocolate triggered this. I wish I can just pop one or two sleeping pills but I can't afford to lose precious time, I have some tasks to do! I am resting my eyes in a bit for a few minutes before I continue working.

Abi using Santino :)

Abi using Santino :)
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As early as now, we figured we'd have competition in Abi in using the desktop or Santino, the lappy. She has become really observant and loves to explore the keyboard. She would "type" on the keyboard and look at the monitor to check if something happened. :) In this video, she was exploring a kids' website and seemed to enjoy it too much. We let her do it, as long as she's happy :)

I am just worried she would void the lappy's warranty! LOL!

Nice idea :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

While on a break from working, I turned on the television and saw an episode of a home makeover show. They installed a really nice pond  with koi and some aquatic plants in the backyard. Believe me when I say that the pond supplies they used are really wonderful that I daydreamed we have a similar set-up in our future home. I hear that water element can bring harmony in one’s surroundings so a pond would be perfect, right?

That is what I love about watching make-over shows, I get inspired and I gather ideas :)

Hungry at 2am

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I just finished my Adgitize task of bloghopping. It was a quick one for tonight. Before that, we watched Kimmy Dora (don’t ask where and how), and it gave me a good laugh I want to watch it again. Next in line is “And I Love You So,” but I guess that will have to wait. :D

Now I am hungry. I came across KitchenDeelite’s post about pasta today and I particularly craved the one with vegetable/mushroom sauce! Yummy-yum to the highest level, LOL!

And because it is past 2am already, maybe I should just ignore the hunger pangs and sleep it off, noh?


Happy Birthday Yang!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My brother turned a year older today. Although I am feeling sick, I didn’t want to miss the family dinner. Mom planned to have a shabu-shabu dinner and I thought the steam from the hot pot will help me a bit with the colds (which it did!). So I am not at all regretting that I went with them. And I rested all day and accompanied Mom for a pedicure appointment before our dinner date.

More on this day when I am able to fix my schedule again 9I have pictures of Abi in her new red shirt dress!). I have been stalling and I need to go back to work even if the sniffles are still here.

I need to rest more tonight.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am feeling a bit under the weather so there is nothing really worth sharing at this point. I just know I need to rest tonight. My throat hurts and my head’s heavy, I hope this will not turn into full blown colds.

Abiby is doing fine. We went to her Pedia for the monthly visit and she was not prescribed any meds for her coughs anymore because it is not needed. Will share more on that when I feel better. Thanks for praying for our little Klaire :)


image source

Sickie Update

Monday, October 19, 2009

The happy Abiby is back. She now eats and takes the bottle. She’s active yet again and I worry less now. She was able to sleep well last night (and early), and actually slept through until four in the morning. She would sneeze and mucus would be expelled (sorry too graphic, LOL!). Her coughs got worse, though, and that is what I am looking out for. I am glad we didn’t have to rush her to the doctor or the ER today  but we’re definitely pushing through with her check-up tomorrow.

I still didn’t take any jobs today, I am waiting until she’s all well or until her Pedia says she’ll be fine soon. Thanks Zanne, for the offer of help (responding to previous post comment) but I can still manage :)

Good night for now, folks!

Sickie in the house :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Klaire is sick. It started as a runny nose on Thursday afternoon that got worse the next day. I knew I should have left her at home yesterday but I felt we needed some family bonding time that I decided against my instincts :( Bad Mommy!

She had a very rough night last night. She started coughing when we got home and refused to eat and drink her milk. She was catching her breath and resorted to crying her lungs out. She would fall asleep and wake up after thirty minutes & cry again. Her voice was hoarse from too much crying. Finally at 4am she fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later.

I get to take a break now. I let Aiza handle her for a while (but she’s asleep now, thank God!) I am taking the opportunity to blog for a few minutes, check my emails, view FB and rest. I dunno how our night will be later so I need all the energy.

Her monthly check-up is on Tuesday so I am observing her in case we need to see her Pedia tomorrow instead. Please pray that Abi gets well soon. It is heartbreaking to see her this way.

It was a jungle out there…

Saturday, October 17, 2009

If I had the choice, we would have avoided Megamall today. There is a three-day sale which started yesterday and it was pure chaos (at least for me). Every store had a cardboard display system outside their shops and people would stop every now and then to look at the items. The foot traffic was terrible. If you know me, I refuse to visit any mall when there is a sale. I get claustrophobic and I easily get irritated. But then we had to go there because I need to have my glasses fixed by the store where I got my specs (hoping they will do it for free since I only got my pair about five months ago).

I will tell you how it all went (trip to the optical shop and the mall over-all) after I am done with some tasks. Laters!

Why oh why?!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s a quarter after eleven in the evening. Why do I get this nagging feeling to clean the room and the 2nd floor hall all of a sudden? I have this urge to throw away stuff and de-clutter! I can’t be “nesting” yet again!

So sick in the head! LOL!

And to think I am already dead tired from a very long day.

And that I have work to do tonight so I can finish everything before the deadline on Sunday morning!


Time to go offline and do real work now.

Have a nice weekend peeps!


P.S. Zanne, if you are reading this, sorry for not chatting tonight. I know I promised but the internet connection conked out for a couple of hours and now I am swamped with things to do!


In August, I attended a unique birthday party. My online friend Glo wanted to spend her birthday with all the Bebots. The best way to do that is via chat. I had a blast, I tell you. Yahoo Messenger actually crashed on us that we had to continue the boisterous chatter in Twitter. And I guess I was also lucky that night because I won a number of items. Yup, Glo gave away awesome stuff – on her birthday! Such a generous soul.

Last Monday, I already got my prizes!


I won ELF Shimmering facial whip, A MAC blusher, a NYX Trio eye shadow and a small Anne Klein hobo bag! Yiheee, the bag is one of the major prizes and I was so happy I got it. But I covet Peachy’s prize because she got the top one: a Coach Rugby Duff! Lucky Girl! :) Anyway, the bag is so nice I already used it once on my visit to the supermarket :)

Thank you so much Glo for hosting an awesome party! :D

Stage Mother

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I think I am turning into one. Moments like this make me want to capture it even with just a mobile phone camera, then share to the blogosphere for the whole world to see!


See, Ane and I both cannot sleep without a pillow in our arms. I just found it cute to watch our little Klaire sleeping like this :D

Cousin’s Wedding

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My cousin Fitz got married to her long time significant other, Jimmy last Saturday. We received the invitation late, we didn’t even know if we were in the guest list. But I guess it is just common sense that we are included because we practically grew up together (we just didn’t want to assume, LOL!). We even lived in the same house for about three years, that was before I got married. I also took the opportunity to have Abi meet some of my maternal relatives. Ane could not join us though because he had to work. Brother Ry had stocks coming in so he was busy attending to his clients. So it was just brother Gi and I. Mom rode with us going there though  because she had to have her make-up done early morning (the wedding’s at 10am in Marilao, Bulacan); she was in the apartment the night before already.

I started my day at 530am, the parlor appointment was at 6am. I also had my hair ironed :) We were off before 9am after I struggled Abi into her car seat. It was the first time she refused to be strapped on her seat! It was heartbreaking! But I definitely could not give in because I was driving! And it was also a long drive so I cannot allow her on her Ninong Gi’s lap.

Traffic was light that we got to the church early. The bride was late though, heheh. Here is a picture of Abi and me, the only decent one:



Well, there’s no one to take our picture! Gi was not in the mood, LOL! The ceremony lasted for only thirty minutes, the priest was in such a hurry to finish! The reception was okay…when I had the chance to get my plate, the food has run out hehehe. I didn’t bring Abi’s stroller and she was choosy with people who can carry her! She’s normally okay with lots of people around but I guess she didn’t want the attention she was getting!

I loved my hair that day, but I only got the chance to capture it when we got home:


I wish it can be like this everyday. It was so much better in the morning, though.


Anyway that was a long day, and a tiring one for me. You bet I am not bringing Abi along again when Ane is unavailable! :p

What’s new with Abi?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Can you spot it? :)


Yes, our little Klaire is now a certified girl :) We had her ears pierced at The Medical City’s NICU on Tuesday. This was long overdue because her Pedia gave the go-signal when she turned seven months. We got to the hospital on time and before the midwife who does it clocked out :) She put topical anesthesia but warned me that Abi will still cry probably because of the sound the piercing gun will make. It was good that she had someone else hold Abi, because if it was me, I would have panicked with Abi’s wails. She was that upset! She calmed down when we left the room and when she noticed in the elevator that we were leaving.

Okay. So let this be known that I will definitely pick a fight with someone who will still ask if our baby is a girl, LOL!

Klaire: 8 months

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Our little Abi turned eight months old on September 30. Here is her picture with Sissy for this month:


Look how much she has grown! Click on the picture and you will be led to the Flickr set. Watch her grow! From her last well-baby check-up her weight was recorded at 7.2kilos, still in the average range. She was really behaved and even allowed her Pedia to touch her and check her ears for a more than a minute. Yes, she sat still! :) She was friendly to & charmed everyone and was not fussy while waiting for the doctor. She observed her surroundings and appreciated what she saw. She had her second anti-meningitis shot, she cried a bit but calmed down after a few minutes.

She can now close-open her hands when prompted. At first she could only do it with the left hand but was able to do it with her right hand after a few days. She now knows how to kiss and leans forward when we ask her for one. But she leans only if its Mommy or Daddy. Still does high-five and has now learned to clap on her own. She sits on her own and can now stand while holding on to something. She’s also learned to balance while standing and can hold the standing position for about 5 seconds (but she did about ten seconds one time!), unassisted! We’re letting her spend time in her crib/s more since she has become too fast to be left on the bed for even a second! She has become choosy with who can carry her. She had the phase when only Aiza and I are allowed to take her!

Her eating habits have changed. She didn’t want to eat homemade food and was fine with Cerelac and Gerber. This worried me a lot but towards the end of her seventh month, she refused to eat the powdered and jarred ones. Well she still ate but the amount was lessened. Now she eats home made food (vegetables, fruits and eggs) and fresh juices, and now happily drinks water from the small cup.

Her sleeping habits are still the same. Sleeps late, wakes in the middle of the night to ask for milk but promptly goes back to sleep, asks for another bottle in the early morning and sleeps through until 9 or 10am.

On her birthday, we just bought a cake and ate it before be left for volunteer work.

DSC_0431 DSC_0438

This is a pretty late entry that I am sure there is something I forgot! But at least all the important stuff (at least for me) are noted. Click here to view the very few pictures we took in September. :)

A house up there :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ane and I were watching Balikbayan and they featured Joel Cruz’s house in Tagaytay. It was huge :) If in the future we get the chance to build a home in a chilly place like Tagaytay, I would want to have a patio and install one of those outdoor fireplaces like this:


Wouldn’t it be nice to accommodate guests in an area where the view is beautiful? The fireplace will complete the ambience, I am sure :)

Her Yoya’s Granddaughter

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Today was an impromptu family day as Dad and Mom went to see us. We went to mass together, had lunch and played a bit at Timezone. Ane was at work though.


Anyway, this post is about Abi, who was singing, more like humming, during mass. She sang along all the songs and I could feel she was enjoying herself. My parents listened in delight albeit discreetly, because Little Klaire would get conscious when she realized she was being watched and listened.


Early on, we already noticed that our baby loves music. This family actually loves music and without being boastful, we can all carry a tune (well, except for dad, LOL!). But no one pursued singing or playing an instrument professionally.


And I am thinking my Mom is disappointed about that last bit. So this morning, as we listened to Abi “sing”, I told her, maybe she will live your dream? And we can finally have someone who really sings for a big audience (doesn’t matter if professionally or otherwise :))?


That’s a nice thought, huh?

He listened :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Typhoon Pepeng actually spared NCR. God listened to our prayers and made the typhoon go away. Prayers work, and today we have proven that once again. Thank you Lord!

Because the weather cooperated, we were able to attend to a friend’s son’s baptism this afternoon. It was held in Binondo and I was heady when we got home. Must be MSG overload. Or it could be all in my head because I was fine until Ane said we must have consumed too much MSG because the food was so good ;)

My Mom was hesitant when I said we were going out. But believe me, I prepared for this short trip. I had overnight clothes in the bag, with a few of Abi’s clothes, too. We also brought one big bottle of Wilkins, a full can of Abi’s milk, her bottles, a Gerber jar of food, some marie biscuits, Abis’ spoon and sipping cup, and lots of diapers. I was ready to stay overnight somewhere, in case Pepeng changed its mind. Thankfully, it was an uneventful and we got home safely :)

I won’t make this long because I still think the MSG is making me lethargic (LOL, OA!). I am going to rest early today. Good night world!

No energy yet

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I know I promised that I will blog about Abi’s 8th month but I find myself still lacking the energy to recall everything that I wanted to share. Probably in a day or two, I am able to organize my thoughts and finally finish the updates entry. For now I am sharing a picture of Abi to show you she already stands on her own and  is now really a handful to look after.