What’s new with Abi?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Can you spot it? :)


Yes, our little Klaire is now a certified girl :) We had her ears pierced at The Medical City’s NICU on Tuesday. This was long overdue because her Pedia gave the go-signal when she turned seven months. We got to the hospital on time and before the midwife who does it clocked out :) She put topical anesthesia but warned me that Abi will still cry probably because of the sound the piercing gun will make. It was good that she had someone else hold Abi, because if it was me, I would have panicked with Abi’s wails. She was that upset! She calmed down when we left the room and when she noticed in the elevator that we were leaving.

Okay. So let this be known that I will definitely pick a fight with someone who will still ask if our baby is a girl, LOL!


Faye said...

cute cute ni Abi!:) bagay sa kanya ang earings ;) kikay na kikay!:)

rac said...

tin! sobrang kamukha mo siya dyan sa pic na yan. sometimes she looks like badong. pero in that pic, super kamukha mo! :) anyways, congrats abi girl!!

Kaje said...

@Faye - thanks mare, naku parang sa kanya mapupunta frustration ko sa kakikayan LOL :D

@Rors - wow thanks! ngayon lang may nagsabing "super kamukha" ko si Abi, palakpak tenga ko niyan LOL :)

Mae said...

hahahah you have a DOLL to dress up na talaga!! :))