Cousin’s Wedding

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My cousin Fitz got married to her long time significant other, Jimmy last Saturday. We received the invitation late, we didn’t even know if we were in the guest list. But I guess it is just common sense that we are included because we practically grew up together (we just didn’t want to assume, LOL!). We even lived in the same house for about three years, that was before I got married. I also took the opportunity to have Abi meet some of my maternal relatives. Ane could not join us though because he had to work. Brother Ry had stocks coming in so he was busy attending to his clients. So it was just brother Gi and I. Mom rode with us going there though  because she had to have her make-up done early morning (the wedding’s at 10am in Marilao, Bulacan); she was in the apartment the night before already.

I started my day at 530am, the parlor appointment was at 6am. I also had my hair ironed :) We were off before 9am after I struggled Abi into her car seat. It was the first time she refused to be strapped on her seat! It was heartbreaking! But I definitely could not give in because I was driving! And it was also a long drive so I cannot allow her on her Ninong Gi’s lap.

Traffic was light that we got to the church early. The bride was late though, heheh. Here is a picture of Abi and me, the only decent one:



Well, there’s no one to take our picture! Gi was not in the mood, LOL! The ceremony lasted for only thirty minutes, the priest was in such a hurry to finish! The reception was okay…when I had the chance to get my plate, the food has run out hehehe. I didn’t bring Abi’s stroller and she was choosy with people who can carry her! She’s normally okay with lots of people around but I guess she didn’t want the attention she was getting!

I loved my hair that day, but I only got the chance to capture it when we got home:


I wish it can be like this everyday. It was so much better in the morning, though.


Anyway that was a long day, and a tiring one for me. You bet I am not bringing Abi along again when Ane is unavailable! :p


Unknown said...

Love the hair ha. And ang galing na talagang magpa-picture ni Abiby!