Why oh why?!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s a quarter after eleven in the evening. Why do I get this nagging feeling to clean the room and the 2nd floor hall all of a sudden? I have this urge to throw away stuff and de-clutter! I can’t be “nesting” yet again!

So sick in the head! LOL!

And to think I am already dead tired from a very long day.

And that I have work to do tonight so I can finish everything before the deadline on Sunday morning!


Time to go offline and do real work now.

Have a nice weekend peeps!


P.S. Zanne, if you are reading this, sorry for not chatting tonight. I know I promised but the internet connection conked out for a couple of hours and now I am swamped with things to do!


Unknown said...

Nagkita naman tayo ah. Hehe. Pagaling ka!