Friday, October 16, 2009

In August, I attended a unique birthday party. My online friend Glo wanted to spend her birthday with all the Bebots. The best way to do that is via chat. I had a blast, I tell you. Yahoo Messenger actually crashed on us that we had to continue the boisterous chatter in Twitter. And I guess I was also lucky that night because I won a number of items. Yup, Glo gave away awesome stuff – on her birthday! Such a generous soul.

Last Monday, I already got my prizes!


I won ELF Shimmering facial whip, A MAC blusher, a NYX Trio eye shadow and a small Anne Klein hobo bag! Yiheee, the bag is one of the major prizes and I was so happy I got it. But I covet Peachy’s prize because she got the top one: a Coach Rugby Duff! Lucky Girl! :) Anyway, the bag is so nice I already used it once on my visit to the supermarket :)

Thank you so much Glo for hosting an awesome party! :D


Faye said...

huwaaaaawww!!!:) daming prices!!!:)