He listened :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Typhoon Pepeng actually spared NCR. God listened to our prayers and made the typhoon go away. Prayers work, and today we have proven that once again. Thank you Lord!

Because the weather cooperated, we were able to attend to a friend’s son’s baptism this afternoon. It was held in Binondo and I was heady when we got home. Must be MSG overload. Or it could be all in my head because I was fine until Ane said we must have consumed too much MSG because the food was so good ;)

My Mom was hesitant when I said we were going out. But believe me, I prepared for this short trip. I had overnight clothes in the bag, with a few of Abi’s clothes, too. We also brought one big bottle of Wilkins, a full can of Abi’s milk, her bottles, a Gerber jar of food, some marie biscuits, Abis’ spoon and sipping cup, and lots of diapers. I was ready to stay overnight somewhere, in case Pepeng changed its mind. Thankfully, it was an uneventful and we got home safely :)

I won’t make this long because I still think the MSG is making me lethargic (LOL, OA!). I am going to rest early today. Good night world!