Her Yoya’s Granddaughter

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Today was an impromptu family day as Dad and Mom went to see us. We went to mass together, had lunch and played a bit at Timezone. Ane was at work though.


Anyway, this post is about Abi, who was singing, more like humming, during mass. She sang along all the songs and I could feel she was enjoying herself. My parents listened in delight albeit discreetly, because Little Klaire would get conscious when she realized she was being watched and listened.


Early on, we already noticed that our baby loves music. This family actually loves music and without being boastful, we can all carry a tune (well, except for dad, LOL!). But no one pursued singing or playing an instrument professionally.


And I am thinking my Mom is disappointed about that last bit. So this morning, as we listened to Abi “sing”, I told her, maybe she will live your dream? And we can finally have someone who really sings for a big audience (doesn’t matter if professionally or otherwise :))?


That’s a nice thought, huh?