Klaire: 8 months

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Our little Abi turned eight months old on September 30. Here is her picture with Sissy for this month:


Look how much she has grown! Click on the picture and you will be led to the Flickr set. Watch her grow! From her last well-baby check-up her weight was recorded at 7.2kilos, still in the average range. She was really behaved and even allowed her Pedia to touch her and check her ears for a more than a minute. Yes, she sat still! :) She was friendly to & charmed everyone and was not fussy while waiting for the doctor. She observed her surroundings and appreciated what she saw. She had her second anti-meningitis shot, she cried a bit but calmed down after a few minutes.

She can now close-open her hands when prompted. At first she could only do it with the left hand but was able to do it with her right hand after a few days. She now knows how to kiss and leans forward when we ask her for one. But she leans only if its Mommy or Daddy. Still does high-five and has now learned to clap on her own. She sits on her own and can now stand while holding on to something. She’s also learned to balance while standing and can hold the standing position for about 5 seconds (but she did about ten seconds one time!), unassisted! We’re letting her spend time in her crib/s more since she has become too fast to be left on the bed for even a second! She has become choosy with who can carry her. She had the phase when only Aiza and I are allowed to take her!

Her eating habits have changed. She didn’t want to eat homemade food and was fine with Cerelac and Gerber. This worried me a lot but towards the end of her seventh month, she refused to eat the powdered and jarred ones. Well she still ate but the amount was lessened. Now she eats home made food (vegetables, fruits and eggs) and fresh juices, and now happily drinks water from the small cup.

Her sleeping habits are still the same. Sleeps late, wakes in the middle of the night to ask for milk but promptly goes back to sleep, asks for another bottle in the early morning and sleeps through until 9 or 10am.

On her birthday, we just bought a cake and ate it before be left for volunteer work.

DSC_0431 DSC_0438

This is a pretty late entry that I am sure there is something I forgot! But at least all the important stuff (at least for me) are noted. Click here to view the very few pictures we took in September. :)