Happy Birthday Yang!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My brother turned a year older today. Although I am feeling sick, I didn’t want to miss the family dinner. Mom planned to have a shabu-shabu dinner and I thought the steam from the hot pot will help me a bit with the colds (which it did!). So I am not at all regretting that I went with them. And I rested all day and accompanied Mom for a pedicure appointment before our dinner date.

More on this day when I am able to fix my schedule again 9I have pictures of Abi in her new red shirt dress!). I have been stalling and I need to go back to work even if the sniffles are still here.

I need to rest more tonight.


Admin said...

Happy bday, Yang! (nakipag-close ba. Haha!) Glad to know Abi is OK. Pagaling ka rin, Mare!