Cake Pops

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was watching Rachel Ray (or was is Martha?) some time ago when making cake pops was one of the segments. I instantly knew I wanted to try them. But you know me, I am one who delays doing things until I forget them altogether, LOL! Cakes pops were out of my mind until this afternoon when I was reading my feeds. Someone said she tried it and even said these are perfect to give-away this Christmas. I googled and saw these creations by Bakerella:

burgers and bees


I also googled how they are done and I certain I can make them. The question is, will I be able to make some just in time for Christmas?! LOL!  

Dream Bedroom

I found my dream bedroom this afternoon! Love at first sight, I tell you! Look!

dream bedroom

I love that the space is not too cluttered; the open space is very much welcome. The elements just work perfectly together. I love the colors too! I showed this to Ane and I think he agrees that this could be the bedroom of our dreams! I am keeping this photo for when we build our home, surely.

Driving while Intoxicated

I was never a fan of drinking then driving. I am lucky to have married a man who’s only a social drinker, does not drink more than two bottles of beer at any time. And we do not leave the venue until I am sure that he is sober enough to drive us home, otherwise I would drive (I am not a drinker). There are cases in the some states though that even if the blood alcohol concentration is less than the illegal percentage, drivers are still charged for DWI. These are the instances that an individual would need legal help like those offered by Houston DWI lawyers. It is difficult to be in a situation when you know that you are not guilty so legal assistance would really matter.

Life’s a Beach.

Summer is still a long while from today. Even if there are trips to look forward to, I am equally excited about our beach trip in March. I am now looking at bathing suits and cover-alls that will fit my body type (on top of looking for outfits for the other trips!). I can’t wait to bask under the sun; been a while since I got sun-burnt, haha!


If I only wait for a trip to the beach to get a tan, others choose to use tanning beds instead because of lack of time to make that trip perhaps? I sure hope they apply tanning bed lotions to protect their skin! If you want to try these beds, click here for more information on suitable lotions.

Raw Talents in Eat Bulaga

Monday, November 29, 2010

A friend shared this link and I was mesmerized by the voices of Adrian and EJ:



No wonder the Dabarkads judges had a hard time deciding who between the two will take home the gift prize. I was awed by the raw talents that I realized I was gaping and almost teary-eyed while watching. I shared this to Ane and my brothers, and they too were amazed. Just goes to show that there are a bunch of Filipinos talented enough and are just waiting to be discovered. I heard they were invited to sing live in EB last Saturday but we were out for lunch and I missed it. Please share if you already have a link!

Increase Site Traffic

I am not (yet) an SEO expert. I feel I have so much to learn about it. It is not that simple you see. It takes a lot of effort to be able to increase a site’s traffic. It’s a combination of link building, directory submission, and knowing the right keywords to place (and when to place them) among other things. I am relatively new in this field and I am glad I have friends who are generous with their tips and tricks. I hope by next year, my sites will become fully optimized because that would mean more cachings! :)

Cute and Fun KamKam Furniture

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Found this really cute furniture collection by Korean designers and creators at


This is called The Dressed Up Furniture Series designed as a delightful combination of everyday actions. The pieces can be buttoned up since the main theme is to combine clothes and furniture. Each piece can also stand as storage space for toys and magazines, among others. See that buttons, belts and pockets were applied to suggest clothing connection. Kamkam_stoolsI love these stools! And I dig that the colors outside and inside are different but coordinating.

Facial Care and Work-outs

I read somewhere that you must wash your face prior to working out at the gym or simply exercising at home. This idea actually makes sense especially if you have been out on the streets the whole day (pollution, smog, ack!) or wore make-up. When you sweat during work-out, your pores open up and when you wipe the perspiration off your dirty face, the dirt will get pushed into and clog your pores which may cause pimples and blackheads. Would you rather go for the best acne treatments later than spend a few extra minutes in washing your face when you can actually avoid the former? Anyway, washing the face after a work out is also advised to avoid further clogging of the pores.

Serenitea’s Something Big

I just recently discovered Serenitea. It was kind of an accident that I was able to try it the first time. It was dinner time and we were looking for food. We parked right in front of the San Juan branch and I am glad I tried it (I used to look for the store along Wilson when it is located along Abad Santos).

Serenitea will soon celebrate their second year anniversary next month. In that light, they posted this announcement in their Facebook page:


I wonder what will happen on December 19. I am excited about it and I really want to know what they plan to do for their anniversary. A few goodies for the clients wouldn’t hurt, huh? LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shout out to family and friends in the States, Happy Thanksgiving! I am sure most of you are busy getting ready and preparing for the special dinner (with your zero tolerance knives, perhaps?). Just this morning I’ve read tweets about Thanksgiving dinner recipes and I can only imagine how the dinner table will look like! Someday, I would like to try roasted Turkey!

More than the feast, I guess you already have contemplated about things to be thankful for. I think that is really what this holiday is all about. Enjoy peeps! 

Are You Ready for Black Friday?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are one of those who plans the November budget around Black Friday Sale offers? For a lot of people this day has got to be the biggest sale event each year. Since it is comes a few weeks before Christmas, this is also a perfect time to buy gifts!

I am not buying anything because I need to save up for something. Yes, there are items that I am eyeing but I need to practice self-restraint and sticking to my goal. If you are going shopping, show me what you bought so I can drool over your loots! :)

Early Christmas Party

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas came early for us on November 7. We attended our first party for the year and it was with my online-turned-real-life friends. I was too excited to attend even if a zit grew on my chin the day before. The husband says I am lucky it just a pimple and I did not need acne treatment for my face yet. Anyway, I was glad the husband changed his day-off so he was able to go with us.

I will try to blog more about the party in the next few days. I just have too much on my plate right now. :)

Pacquiao vs. Margarito at the Araneta

I forgot to share that we watched the fight at the Araneta Coliseum via Solar Entertainment. We have tried watching in the cinemas and restaurants but my family chose to watch at the Big Dome because it is more awesome. It was a first time for me because I was left at home (K still a baby) when they first tried watching there. The screens were huge and we got good seats! The crowd was also amazing all through out the main event.

Here’s one side of the huge screen. I am not sure if you can imagine its size but just look at the people behind and how minute they seem compared to the screens.


Houston Asbestos Lawyer

It is never easy having to deal with cancer. I can only imagine how a family feels when one of the members get stricken with the disease. I have heard of numerous stories about the battles, some are won while a lot also succumb, so this is where I base my initial statement. I think it is more emotional for everyone when the type of cancer is very rare, like that of mesothelioma. Studies have shown that this possibly occurs after being exposed to asbestos for a long period of time. Some patients have consulted a Houston asbestos lawyer to check whether they will be qualified for settlement. Yes, this is not an easy situation but I must agree that someone will have to pay for the damages caused to the victims and their families.

Eva Longoria filed for Divorce from Tony Parker

And I thought, theirs is a fairy-tale marriage with a happily-ever after ending.

Eva Longoria cites irreconcilable differences in her petition to divorce from NBA star Tony Parker. The divorce documents were file don Wednesday morning in the LS Superior Court. The two celebrities were married on July 7, 2007 and they have no children. Eva is also requesting for the restoration of her name to Eva Jacqueline Longoria since she took on the husband’s surname after their wedding.

Pregnant-looking Tummy

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I kind of gave up already fussing about my weight. I am going to work on that again but what I’m saying is that I am not pressuring myself anymore to lose all that pregnancy weight. Maybe I’ll panic when our beach trip is already near? LOL! My tummy, though, has always been a concern. It looks like I am five months pregnant even if I am not. Is there a routine specifically for stomach weight loss? I badly need to start doing crunches again!

Tower of Terror

Friday, November 12, 2010

Speaking of TARA4, last night’s episode brought back memories from 2007 after seeing the drop ride. Ane and I rode the Tower of Terror, a free fall ride, in California Adventure.


We didn’t know it was a drop ride, we just decided to try it out because no one was in line yet (we were early!). Imagine our surprise when we realized what we got ourselves into! Both Ane and I fear heights so you can start laughing now.

The staff will make you sit in groups in an elevator-like room. When the door closes, your coach is pulled back and would slowly ascend. You will not realize how high it is until they drop you a few feet below then the door opens and you will see the sky!! Then it will ascend once again until they drop the elevator to the ground floor. You bet my heart was left up there! I was screaming my lungs out!

But because it was a closed ride, we were able to bear it. We even rode it again a couple times more. Now if you ask me if I will ride something like what the TARA teams rode in last night’s episode,  I think I will have to pass. I will die even before we reach the peak, LOL!

Amazing Race Asia 4 Update

The episode last night was exciting. It was a continuation of last week’s leg and you can tell that the teams were already tired, exhausted. The episode brought them to Brisbane, Australia and the Pinoy Girl’s Team still had the edge (both ladies grew up in the land down under!).  They had to do some target shooting, ride the tallest drop thrill ride, race a car, look for a clue in the sand, throw a boomerang and eat a grub.

I am so glad that both PHL teams checked in first and second at the pit stop, a sign that we have really strong teams this season. Only five teams remain and I really hope one of the PHL teams wins the top prize!

Planning to Invest in Gold?


Do you have plans to Invest in gold but do not know how to go about it? First of all, I think you are in the right track since analysts agree that gold is the investment of choice these days. The value appreciates through time and it is as liquid as the normal currency, only more valued. The professionals at the United States Gold Bureau are willing to help you make the right decisions. The company even offers this free investor’s kit to get you started. You will be able to uncover the trade secrets of gold investment and they will give latest recommendations so you can make a sound decision.

Victoria’s Secret Sale


Shopping is one of the favorite topics (along with kids, husbands, and work!) among my mommy-friends. The latest talk in our circle is the super cute undies sale over at Victoria’s Secret! Imagine the virtual riot over at Twitter yesterday morning! After “debating” on sizes I finally placed my order :) I am hoping this is the last of my online shopping sprees for the year. Need to save!! 

Stay Organized

I found this image from a friend’s blog:


I am kind of obsessive-compulsive about a lot of things (think bordering on annoying) but I will have to admit that I cannot manage clutter all the time. Needless to say, I am not the most organized person you will ever meet. I also tend to forget and misplace a lot of things.

This image is a reminder that I can do much better if I am not too lazy to follow through on things, LOL.

Injury from Hip Implants

In August of this year, Johnson and Johnson the manufacturer of DePuy Hip Implants voluntarily recalled the product. This happened after about 400 complaints were received from patients. Up to 93,000 defective units are said to be recalled. The patients who complained were said to have experienced swelling and pain, even difficulty in walking. The systems affected are the ones sold between 2005 and 2009. Some patients, about 11,000 might need to undergo another surgery by 2014 due to the defective system. You may not experience the symptoms today but I guess it will not harm to consult a depuy hip recall attorney soon. At least you will know your options.


O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

So Near Yet So Far

Each day I would check the tracking. I was waiting for a package and all the excitement was killed when I saw that my package was held for clearance. The notice was in bold and in red – that was when I realized that I need to load up on more patience. Turned out that someone added a one and a zero (beginning and end) to the value and Customs is charging us $400 on duties. The tax became more than twice the actual value! This makes me really disappointed in our government. The burden of proving that the content is not more than one thousand bucks is on us. Everything is nearly settled and I am hoping that my bag will be here next week.

Brothers Burger Thanksgiving Gift

Brothers Burger

Just the other night, I was craving burgers because a friend shared they’ll be having some at home. And then I saw this announcement! Brothers Burger is having 50% off on burgers on November 15, 2010 in some stores only. They do this offer from time to time but we never get the chance to fall in line and buy. We would retreat when we hear that people wait for hours to be served. I am not sure if we will be lucky this time, or if we would even try. Maybe I’ll wait if the craving is still there come Monday? 

Gold Rush is Here



If you have been planning to invest in gold bullion, then now is the perfect time to join the rush. Analysts are predicting that this precious metal is now ready for another run-up, as indicated in the image above. People here and there are thinking of ways to upgrade financial status and experts agree that buying gold is the way to go these days. For generations, people have looked at gold differently than paper currency. They appreciate its beauty and value. Up to now, these metals are regarded as something that can protect wealth and preserve purchasing power. Try calling your financial adviser today and ask for recommendations.

Laptop Table

Thursday, November 04, 2010

This is a long overdue post! I bought, rather Ane bought me a laptop table:


Since there are three of us who share one electric fan, I have to strategically position myself where Santino and I can still be hit by the air from the fan while the  two loves are already sleeping. So I was working with Santino by Ane’s feet while I sit on the mattress on the floor by K’s feet. I don’t know if you can imagine that but the set-up was not helping us. Ane agreed to buy me the table and it was a blessing in disguise because Santino also stopped heating up too much. The table in action:


Love it!

Facebook Font Change

Did you notice?

It happened when everyone was asleep (at least on this side of the world) so I had no one to verify with. I thought, since I was starting to get sleepy, I was accidentally changing the screen settings. But upon waking up yesterday, I realized that my eyes and fingers were not fooling me. Facebook actually changed the font to a smaller one. Worse, the letters were (*grasping for the correct term here*) kerned (?)too near from each other or the kerning value of the characters were too small.

Love it or hate it? The new font is definitely not helping the eyes so I hope they just put the old font back.

Sudden Thought

I just read a note on Houston lice treatment and I suddenly remembered someone close to me who was a happy camper killing lice on someone else’s head. Of course I will not reveal the identity, and in fairness to that person, she only does that if the “victim” is someone close to the family, not some random person on the streets (yuck?!). Quite funny if you ask me. But since no one we know is still infested by the parasite these days, she has long been rehabilitated, LOL!

Anyway, it seems like in the US this is still taboo, because needs to be discreet in helping families with the infestation. They help families get rid of the pests using safe alternative chemicals.

The Social Network

This is another movie I plan to watch soon. Ane and Ry were discussing some points about the movie and that conversation made me want to watch it soon. I know I can just Google for details but they say that the movie is quite interesting.

Oh well, come to think of it, I’ve missed one too many movies already, they’re all piled up in my files! Must make time soon!

The Sound of Music

A friend mentioned in a tweet earlier about how she longed to watch The Sound of Music and landed on a video of an Oprah episode. That was enough cue for me to think about the movie and the songs too. I wish I have more time to watch it again. Plus I think I would like to also watch that Oprah episode. I hope to be done with work before lunch today so I can relax this afternoon. :)

Tried our Luck

I actually asked the husband to fall in line and place our bets for last night’s mega-lotto. The jackpot prize already reached P300M (about US$7M) and who would not be tempted to try their luck? Imagine what we can buy and invest on in case we won? We can finally buy our dream house, travel more, and invest in gold bullion, probably? After all, gold is said to be a sound investment at this time according to the United States Gold Bureau.The US Gold Bureau being a leading dealer of precious metals is a trustworthy organization, I believe.

Anyway, after last night’s draw, there were no winners which means we have another chance at the pot come Saturday. I wonder if Ane will place our bets again.

Trick or Treat Loots

Here is a picture of K’s loots from Trick or Treating last week:


This is just from the first event. She got another bagful when we joined the other kids in Ane’s office. Needless to say, we have a box full of treats and the adults at home are becoming high from sugar, LOL! I am just glad K is not looking for her loots! :D

Gmail Buzz Buzz

I received an email from Gmail and I found it unusual. The content, I did not really understand because in the first place I never knew how Buzz, the subject of the email, really worked. The gist, as I take it is that some users felt that they were compromised when the Buzz feature was activated. These people then filed a class suit and Google have already set aside a budget to settle claims.

I will try to read more about it and hopefully I can explain better.

Gold Coins for Halloween

I have not had the chance to blog about the Halloween party and Trick or Treat here. I got extremely busy IRL. Anyway, the kids had a blast during the program. Tori, aka as Hit Girl won the Cutest Award while K endured at least 5 hours wearing her pink pirate costume. We had the inventory of K’s loots and she got lots of candies and gold coins, chocolate coins that is! She’s not allowed to eat sweets yet (we let her taste sometimes but she does not have a sweet tooth like me, at least not yet!).

Speaking of gold, and I am talking about the real ones here, receiving it in coin form would be nice, noh? I heard this is currently the investment of choice because the precious metal appreciates through time not to mention the supply is already dwindling. I guess I will need expert financial advice before I jump in?

Eat Bulaga’s Shembot

Since K’s nap time coincides with my favorite noon time show, Eat Bulaga, I’ve missed a lot of shows already. I can’t afford to wake the kiddo up, and besides, I would usually nap with her too. I would just read my friend’s tweets about some updates about the show. Yesterday was one of the rare times that I was able to watch a portion and I am glad that I got to catch a glimpse of Shembot, a new pauso. I think the song is quite catchy that one could easily dance to the tune. Here’s a YouTube vid where Bossing showed how he does it. So hilarious!

Pop Star Demi Lovato Seeks Rehab for Abuse Issues

Pop Star Demi Lovato apparently pulled out of her current Latin American tour with the Jonas Brothers to check-in a rehabilitation facility. The Disney star, 18 years old. have always had abuse issues and would manifest in eating disorders and self-mutilation. According to a spokesperson, she is getting “medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time.” Lovato got her big break when she was given the chance to star in Camp Rock opposite the Jonases.