Meet Remotely

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now that the husband is away on a business trip, we try to find ways to communicate cheaper and more effectively. Thanks to VOIP, we get to talk daily on the phone for free. Then if he is in an area where there is good WiFi connection, we get to exchange iMsgs and even do FaceTime. With his work I think  is different. I am not sure if they do over the internet conferencing like the one offered by video conferencing, you know? He said he would transmit documents and then chat with his manager.

Technology is really awesome these days. I never imagined that we can do the things we can do now.

The Amazing Race Season 20

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yey for reality TV! One of my favorite reality shows, The Amazing Race premiered it’s 20th season this week. As always, there were eleven teams of two members each to race around the world for 12 legs. The first team to arrive first at the pit stop of the last leg will of course win the prize money worth $1M. The teams this year are made up of:

  1. Rachel & Dave (Army Wife & Combat Pilot)
  2. Brendon & Rachel (PhD Student & Event Hostess)
  3. Art & J.J. (Border Patrol Agents)
  4. Nary & Jamie (Federal Agents)
  5. Vanessa & Ralph (Dating Divorcees)
  6. Elliot & Andrew (Twins)
  7. Kerri & Stacy (Cousins)
  8. Dave & Cherie (Married Clowns)
  9. Bopper & Mark (Best Friends)
  10. Joey "Fitness" & Danny (Trainer & Club Promoter)
  11. Misa & Maiya (Sisters)

TAR 20

Read my “Tears of a Clown” episode recap here


Image from the CBS website.

Encouraging your Kids

I just read an email in our e-groups about one parent getting all frustrated about their parenting. There were decisions that needed to be made months ago and now she’s thinking if they ever did the right decision. A friend of hers even pointed out that they are not doing their best for their son, which makes things even more frustrating.
I say, there is no right or wrong parenting style. I believe that as parents, we take our cues from our kids and decide from there. After all, not all kids are the same. We are all only here to guide them.
Our daughter for instance seems to like music. So we play songs, then we sing and dance with those songs. She also likes to tinkle with instruments, so we encourage that too. Even if she says, she’d want to play drums, I would not mind the noise she'd probably make. It is part of her exploration, isn’t it? Music may work for our daughter. Or maybe it won’t. But I will take refuge in the fact that she enjoyed it while it lasted.

Dream Home Office Spaces

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I joined this photo-a-day project in Instagram (my own PAD Project is different from this one), and today’s theme is WHERE I WORK. Now my little work space at home is currently not suitable for, well, working. My table is swamped with all things totally unrelated to what I do (read: kalat LOL). So instead of letting my followers cringe at all the mess, I decided to look for my dream work area. These are what I found:


I got particularly drawn to the last image, it was what I shared with my group. Consider this post a dream board entry too. Oh how I wish I can have a similar space in out future home!

Gift Suggestions

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My friend is attending her boss’s 50th birthday party this weekend and she still has no gift to wrap yet. I was just chatting to her last night and we brainstormed on what to buy for the big guy. Her boss is known in social circles because he likes mingling in social functions and parties; he likes throwing grand parties too. That said, I suggested that he give him stuff that he enjoys doing or consuming with his friends. Bright idea, she said. She knows he is an occasional cigar user and a box of macanudo will be appreciated. Problem solved.

Blue Ivy Trademark

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beyonce and Jay-Z are probably one step ahead of those who would like to exploit them, their new baby, and their baby’s name.

The couple is said to filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect their month-old baby's name and reserve it for future use. A family law attorney commented that this is the right path to take for the celebrities to avoid third parties to sell the family what is rightfully theirs, also to forestall competitors from using the name and earning money from it, exploiting the child in the process. This is really the step to take as two unrelated designers unknown to the couple attempted to trademark products with Blue Ivy’s name just days after the celebrity baby was born. The US PTO declined such applications saying that the name belongs to a famous child and consumers might mistake the products to belong and/or affiliated with the family even if it is not.

image from

Pottery Barn Shopping?

Monday, February 06, 2012

I have been feeling low the past few weeks because Ane had to leave for a business trip without us. This is the first time we are apart for more than 2 days since getting married! My online turned real-life friends are very supportive. They say that they will cheer me up. They also suggested going online shopping and have everything shipped to Ane’s hotel! LOL! Great idea right, to solve the sadness?! I was wondering if we could buy some home accessories. It is very timely indeed that I was sent some pottery barn coupons in the mail just last night! Well, I guess I now have reason to shop, eh? ;p I love these sheets:

pottery barn sheets

Super Bowl for the first time

Ane experienced his first time being in the US during the Super Bowl. Good thing my BIL planned on watching so my sister and her family stayed with him at the hotel until the end of the match. They were cheering for Patriots but the Giants took home the crown. I haven’t had the chance to talk to him about the game because it was already time for bed when we talked. I am sure he has a lot to say about the game, the celebrities and the commercial breaks.

Grocery Shopping

Last night, I forced myself to do the weekly grocery shopping while we were at the mall. I was already tired from all the stress of last week but I thought I could just rest today and get the groceries done and over with. It was even more tiring for me since we got to the supermarket less than an hour before closing time. My family had errands to do so we decided to part ways for the meantime. I was along in the store with K sitting on the cart. Good thing, there were command communications pagers, my mom found us just before we paid and I had someone help me unload the groceries.

Three more weeks and I will have to ask someone else to help me buy our stuff. Ane is currently on a business trip so my usual grocery is not here. :(