Encouraging your Kids

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I just read an email in our e-groups about one parent getting all frustrated about their parenting. There were decisions that needed to be made months ago and now she’s thinking if they ever did the right decision. A friend of hers even pointed out that they are not doing their best for their son, which makes things even more frustrating.
I say, there is no right or wrong parenting style. I believe that as parents, we take our cues from our kids and decide from there. After all, not all kids are the same. We are all only here to guide them.
Our daughter for instance seems to like music. So we play songs, then we sing and dance with those songs. She also likes to tinkle with instruments, so we encourage that too. Even if she says, she’d want to play drums, I would not mind the noise she'd probably make. It is part of her exploration, isn’t it? Music may work for our daughter. Or maybe it won’t. But I will take refuge in the fact that she enjoyed it while it lasted.