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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ok, so today is the last day of the third month (which reminds me, March Monthly roundup is due, and I haven't even written my February roundup, arrrgghhh!! I suck.). And here I am updating a forgotten blog. I decided I won't explain where I've been or how has life treated me since the last time I posted. I will just have to type away. I probably won't realize I am blabbing again, heheh.

And I won't promise anymore that I will never neglect this little space of mine again. I feel I am bound to break that promise again, anyway.

***me thinking where to start, how to tons of stories to tell and am left speechless, huh...organize, organize thoughts!!!! nunininuninuninuninu....***

I guess I'll start with new happenings :)

Yesterday was Ane's restday (he's in a new project with 12hour-shift, no he's not a security guard heheh, and takes Fridays and Saturdays off). We left the house after lunch, went to the garden, so I could check the cafe. Before 5pm, we were Manila bound. We thought of going to The Zone in Makati to check out new Havaianas stocks but decided against it...we didn't wanna get stuck in rush hour traffic. So we ended up at The Block and checked out Chocolate. And a happy me left that store with two new pairs of Havis :) Yep two!!! My DH is the best for allowing me to buy. I am now a proud owner of a pair of Sunny 2007 (the Pink one!!!) and a pair of Baroque (white top and black sole). I so wanted to have that Orange Cartunista but there were no sizes for me :( and there are no beige ones of that Summer Dots model (the picture of which I posted here in one of my previous posts).

By 7pm we were already seated at our usual Saturday-after-game-hang-out-place 4xForce located along Granada St. near Greenhills. It was their 1st year anniversary and as regulars, the E's (that's us!) scheduled to be there to support them on a Friday night :) (really, seeing each other on fridays is turning to be a regular thingy because of different "agenda" springing every week! Last night was the fourth friday already!) Great time! There were bands and free drinks. Ane and I were supposed to get there later but because we didn't wanna miss on anything, we got there after J and before everyone else! By 9pm, we were almost complete and I had to leave them and go see my old church friends at Music21 in Timog. I entered room 18 and there were Beng, Cherie, Jeff, Jeje, Jojo and Randy already. Kuya Jim came later. It's nice to be with old friends. Wasn't able to join them for coffee at Starbucks because I had to return to 4xForce by midnight.

I woke up this morning with Ane asking for "something" (ehem), then I fell asleep again until he was telling me it was time for him to go. Ane and his parents were scheduled to go to Libis to leave Max there and bring home Rubio (I think that's what I wanna call the new car!). Sadly, Max was traded in for an Isuzu Sportivo. I'll miss Max, wwaaaaahhhhhh!

I went to the garden around lunch time today. I fixed a few things, downloaded something from the net and Mom listed my bank itenarary come Monday. I would have stayed, if only for the Champorado Tita Grace was preparing but it became so noisy, I couldn't take it anymore (plus the fact that Ane was waiting for me already). See, election fever has struck our small town. Candidates' jingles all around...including Dad's. Yep he's running for office.

Before I left, I went to see Mom in their room and I saw a book, entitled: Mommy Talk: the "Oh's" and "Oh no's" of Motherhood. It's a compilation of weekly articles at Philippine Star of Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan. So I asked mom who owns the book and what it was for. And I was taken aback with her answer: "Sa iyo yan, binili ko (it's yours, I bought it for you)". So I took it, smiling. No, we're not pregnant yet (and am not gonna dwell on that). Mommy made me smile today :)

Didn't last long there because Ane will play at GBC and I, to stay here at Brothers' house. We are spending the night here, as usual. I decided not to play anymore (I stopped playing Badminton about three months ago and not sure yet if I wanna go back playing...deserves another post). So here I am, updating this blog. We got here around 4pm and I immediately finished the layout I started on Thursday, which is this one:

Credits here.

Sheliza Vittoria was born on 4:04pm 21 March 2007 to my cuz Frenz and wife Sheila. Sheila was in labor for almost 24hours and has a lot of labor room stories to tell! Pictures for this LO were shot on day3 as the new family was preparing to go home from the hospital. Tomorrow will be Vittoria's Christening and I am one of her Ninangs :) She's the latest addition to my 20 godchildren (whew!).

And this one, a long overdue LO share:


I "finished" this layout in January but had to wait for Rissa and Robie's Wedding picture :) Journaling Reads: They say whoever gets the Bride’s bouquet, will marry next. I caught Sheila’s and I passed mine to Rissa.We got married six months after the other. That’s three weddings in a year!

This next one is one of my first wedding LO's:

Credits here.

The picture in the LO is by far our favorite! Everybody agrees :) This may be considered an accidental shot because Flea positioned himself at the altar to get this shot only because he had nowhere else to place himself (we had 5 photogs, remember?). This came out really really nice!

The next three layouts are my take for the Bebots' challenges for the first half of March. Too bad I wasn't able to join the second half.

Scraplift-a-Bebot Challenge. Credits here.

Heritage Challenge -- Honoring Women. Credits.

AD Challenge. Credits dito.

Am done :) For now. Hehe. Ciao!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

So I'm 29 today. I just feel so bad that I haven't blogged and neglected my posting "duties" for a month (what's new heheh), and I'm here popping in just to greet myself (hahaha how pathetic is that, noh?) :)

Anyway, there are so much to share and I'm working on that already...

But I just have to post this simple RAK:

Download here.
It has 6 12x12 papers, 4 scalloped ribbons, 4 ribbons, eyelets and stickers. It's nothing extravagant but I figured, this is the only way I can give back to the digiscrapping community/ies that I get my freebies from... As Aggie puts it, "pay it forward" :) And I designed the kit so this makes it a labor of love :) Pasensiya na, nagpifeeling ang lola niyo hehehe.
I'll return for more updates soon.
Happy birthday to me!