Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Wrong timing that the third installment of the Twilight Saga movie is scheduled to be shown on the day the new President will be inaugurated. June 30 is also the last day of Ane’s day-off from work this week, and we don’t leave K during nights. So however immature it may sound that I am missing history unfold, I choose to catch the movie instead around the same time Noynoy Aquino officially becomes the 15th President of RP ;) I’ll just read the news later, ktnxbye! :D

New Glasses and a Nose Job

I suffered from a terrible headache for more than 24 hours. I wasn’t sure if I lacked or had too much sleep, missed my usual Zero fix, or had too much chocolate. But I suspected it could also be my eyes and how ill-fitting my glasses have become, they fall off even if I am not moving. So I tell Ane about this little concern of mine and he suggested that we get me a new pair the next day. Off we went to the mall after dropping our laundry at my in-laws yesterday. My prescription did not change, still at 3.25/3.25 so I guess it’s really the fit. Now I have not one but two pairs of eyeglasses that work like a charm :) The second one is free and cheaper, we only had to pay for the lenses.

And if the new glasses do not work well for me, Ane said he will not buy me new ones. Instead, he will pay for a nose job for me daw. Nyek, Funnneeee! (insert sarcasm here LOL!)

Ben’s Investment

Ben decided it was time to invest his hard-earned money into something that will make him live on interest when he finally retires. Someone suggested that he buy gold coins now because it seems like the market for gold is dynamic at this time. Expert investors believe that gold will reach the price of $2200. This is because the demand’s trend is increasing while mining companies are starting to reacquaint themselves with untouched deposits. So basically, when the demand is high where supply is low, the value of investments also increase. This is the piece of advice Ben received and he will take that advice as soon as he found a gold broker.

Are You Wishing for the New iPhone 4?

So the new Steve Jobs baby was launched in the US and some other countries last week. Sadly my location is not in the First World and does not merit a launch same time as the US. But I digress :) I’m not sure actually if I want one (because I am really eyeing the iPad, you know). If you are someone who wants an iPhone now, maybe you should read first about the early issues about the unit. First, they said that the unit is easily breakable (one fell a foot down and was damaged!) because of the glass body and two, the signal drops if you hold it incorrectly! Apple has not given solutions but suggested unit owners should buy a compatible casing. Hehe.

In N Out, Finally!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

After three long years, one of my favorite burgers and I met again:


It is not funny when you crave burgers, especially is it is only available on the other side of the world! Sure, I get my burger fix locally usually from McDonalds or Wendy’s and if I’m lucky, we’d drive to Katipunan for Bite Club burgers. But there is something about In N Out burgers that my taste buds want.

And so on June 14, couple of days after independence, my taste buds were liberated! :) Mom brought home some from SanFo and I am so glad the burgers endured the long flight! I’ll never know when the next one will be but I am a happy camper for now. I do not mind waiting another three years but my sister’s family is coming for a visit next year so the waiting game COULD BE shorter! Until then, In N Out! :)

New Home for Them

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Faye has been spending less time online the past few weeks because she’s been busy prettifying their new townhouse. She and her hubby did most of the interiors themselves, even putting up their flat screen TV with one of those plasma mounts. They recently had the housewarming and we have seen the pictures of their home. I say they did an amazing job! Their crib looks like it came out of the HGTV channel!

The World Still Has Generous Souls ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

I was drooling over a kit by Kay Miller this morning and I could not contain it I had to share it in my Twitter. I tried to stop myself from buying but seeing that the kit is on sale, I could not resist anymore. I bought the kit and did not tell anyone anymore :) I was happy with my purchase and took a nap with K. When I woke up, I checked my email and found a gift certificate for Kay’s store! SAV sent it because she said she just wanted to share her blessings! Maraming Salamat! I was touched by your kindness and generosity and may the Lord continue to shower you and your family with blessings. Really, this world can use more people like you! Mwahugs!

Let’s Party!

Klaire is going to be attending a party towards the end of the month. I was corresponding with my friend for this party because I was the one who designed the invites. At first my friend wanted to have a Pirates and Fairies themed party. I imagined the little boys to come in pirate costumes while the girls in Tinkerbell suits. But the birthday boy changed his mind and wanted Backyardigans instead. Either way, I am still excited to go because I think K will enjoy parties more at this age :) There’s another party on Sunday, and I am looking forward to that too!

NBA 2010 Champions: LA Lakers

The world seemed to stopped moving this morning, Manila time. Twitter ad FB were flooded with updates about the Game 7 match between LA Lakers and Boston Celtics. No surprise, because the game was really exciting. Celtics started off well but Lakers took the lead in the last quarter. It went downhill for the green clad players towards the last few minutes of the game. And so Lakers won this year’s championship ring! Oh well, there’s always next year for the rest of the teams. :)

Our DFA Experience

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The other day, I said I was going to share how our passport application went (renewal for me, new for Klaire). Well, I was able to finish that entry and posted it in my main blog. Hop on over there when you are ready to read a long entry :)

In a nutshell, let’s put it this way: Ane renewed his passport two weeks earlier and he was done in less than one hour. But for K and I, we had the same appointment time as Badong, yet it took us 2.5 hours to finish, not counting the hour that we were there already. So that’s about 3.5 hours and you bet I was grumpy that morning!

How it happened, read here :)

How Much is Education These Days?

My attention was caught when a local reporter tweeted about how much tuition and miscellaneous fees cost these days. Apparently, they ran an informal survey in Facebook and the results almost gave me a heart attack! The survey was actually for an article the newsroom wrote about how schools found a loophole in the “no tuition fee increase” policy in private schools. A lot of schools advertised a no-increase in tuition but parents were still shocked that that had to pay more this school year. The culprit? Yes, the miscellaneous fees which the DepEd has no control over. Our daughter is just sixteen months old but I cannot help but wonder if we can still afford to send her to a good primary school when she turns three. And how about the next 18 years that she will be attending school and university?! Better buy that lotto ticket and hope we win, LOL, just kidding :)

Read the article here, a table of fees from some of the schools is also available.  

Gold and Silver

When you buy gold coins and silver bullions these days, financial experts will agree that you are making a unique yet sound investment decision. These are precious metals that are recognized for centuries as a way to preserve a person’s purchasing power and wealth. This is especially true for the silver metal since the demand has exceeded the annual production and the difference has increased since 1990. They say that there is no better time to invest in gold and silver than now. The supply is depleting which means that the price for each gold or silver bullion increases through time. Who does not want profits from a lucrative investment, right?

Wrong Timing

Friday, June 11, 2010

So I was all set to blog when the electricity went off around midnight. Tsk. The brownout lasted about forty minutes, enough for me to lose interest in getting back online. I had to stay awake though to fan Klaire so her sleep will not be interrupted.

I was supposed to blog about Glee Season 1 Finale and Wednesday’s trip to the DFA (I renewed my passport and K applied for the first time).

Now my eyes are strained, I am tired & sleepy and my body is still sore (from the DFA trip). Better hit the sack now.

“Tweet” is Now Unacceptable at New York Times

Phil Corbett, a Times editor issued a memo banning “Tweet” in articles because according to him, it “has not yet achieved the status of standard English,” and as such considered a jargon which the newspaper tries to avoid. He prefers the use of “Twitter update” and “posted on Twitter”, among other suggestions.

But then again, one of the comments in the article that I just read said that someone from Times denied this piece of news to be true.

Oh well, if you want to still read the article, here it is.

College Degree

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My cousin is on her last year in HS when the new SY starts this month. I am not sure yet what course she will take in college but I remember we told her to research college degrees so she can decide which one will fit her interests. She’s pretty intelligent so I am confident that she will be able to land in a course that she really likes. There are websites like collegedegreetoday that help students find a degree program and even the university that offers such. This search engine can even tell you if there are available online courses or the more traditional in-campus classes. At a time like this when the economy is shaky, every student only needs the right tool to be able to achieve a better future for herself.

Toy Story Google Search Ad

So I heard there is a Toy Story – Google Search Ad that came out in anticipation of the third Toy Story movie by Pixar. I am not exactly a big fan of Toy Story but I love Pixar movies that I wanted to watch this ad to satisfy my curiosity.

Alas, when I clicked the video, it won’t play and the message says “This video is not available in your country due to terms of use violation.” Aww, that sucks (and it sucks to be in the third world! hehe). I guess I’ll have to wait for someone else to re-up it?

Anyway, a search ad is something like this, enjoy!

US Paypal to GCash Remittance

I received an SMS from my mobile provider Globe saying that it is now possible to remit cash from a US-funded Paypal account to the local GCash remittance service. I am a user of both so naturally, my attention was caught. I just got extremely busy that I didn’t find the time to check it out. I was just reminded about it when my friend Mae sent some Paypal money for Des and remembered about the GCash thingy. So I went ahead and checked out the link provided in the SMS.

So it’s true. One can really transfer/send money from PP to GCash. It says I just have to go to and click on the button for the service. Just follow the instructions and viola, money is sent! I was going to try it but sadly the service, which is still in beta, is disabled at this time. I would have wanted to know how much the fees and conversion will be but I guess that is for another day.

Comment on Survey for Simply

Monday, June 07, 2010

Nearly 50 percent of small business are willing to try online advertising via third party companies like This is a good sign because it means people are slowly (but surely!) trusting that the internet is a good marketing tool that can help boost the business profits.