How Much is Education These Days?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My attention was caught when a local reporter tweeted about how much tuition and miscellaneous fees cost these days. Apparently, they ran an informal survey in Facebook and the results almost gave me a heart attack! The survey was actually for an article the newsroom wrote about how schools found a loophole in the “no tuition fee increase” policy in private schools. A lot of schools advertised a no-increase in tuition but parents were still shocked that that had to pay more this school year. The culprit? Yes, the miscellaneous fees which the DepEd has no control over. Our daughter is just sixteen months old but I cannot help but wonder if we can still afford to send her to a good primary school when she turns three. And how about the next 18 years that she will be attending school and university?! Better buy that lotto ticket and hope we win, LOL, just kidding :)

Read the article here, a table of fees from some of the schools is also available.