US Paypal to GCash Remittance

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I received an SMS from my mobile provider Globe saying that it is now possible to remit cash from a US-funded Paypal account to the local GCash remittance service. I am a user of both so naturally, my attention was caught. I just got extremely busy that I didn’t find the time to check it out. I was just reminded about it when my friend Mae sent some Paypal money for Des and remembered about the GCash thingy. So I went ahead and checked out the link provided in the SMS.

So it’s true. One can really transfer/send money from PP to GCash. It says I just have to go to and click on the button for the service. Just follow the instructions and viola, money is sent! I was going to try it but sadly the service, which is still in beta, is disabled at this time. I would have wanted to know how much the fees and conversion will be but I guess that is for another day.