New Glasses and a Nose Job

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I suffered from a terrible headache for more than 24 hours. I wasn’t sure if I lacked or had too much sleep, missed my usual Zero fix, or had too much chocolate. But I suspected it could also be my eyes and how ill-fitting my glasses have become, they fall off even if I am not moving. So I tell Ane about this little concern of mine and he suggested that we get me a new pair the next day. Off we went to the mall after dropping our laundry at my in-laws yesterday. My prescription did not change, still at 3.25/3.25 so I guess it’s really the fit. Now I have not one but two pairs of eyeglasses that work like a charm :) The second one is free and cheaper, we only had to pay for the lenses.

And if the new glasses do not work well for me, Ane said he will not buy me new ones. Instead, he will pay for a nose job for me daw. Nyek, Funnneeee! (insert sarcasm here LOL!)


Mae said...

HAHAHAH! funneeeeeyyy!!! I miss you both!!! :))