Gold Coins for Halloween

Thursday, November 04, 2010

I have not had the chance to blog about the Halloween party and Trick or Treat here. I got extremely busy IRL. Anyway, the kids had a blast during the program. Tori, aka as Hit Girl won the Cutest Award while K endured at least 5 hours wearing her pink pirate costume. We had the inventory of K’s loots and she got lots of candies and gold coins, chocolate coins that is! She’s not allowed to eat sweets yet (we let her taste sometimes but she does not have a sweet tooth like me, at least not yet!).

Speaking of gold, and I am talking about the real ones here, receiving it in coin form would be nice, noh? I heard this is currently the investment of choice because the precious metal appreciates through time not to mention the supply is already dwindling. I guess I will need expert financial advice before I jump in?