Thursday, August 12, 2010

I didn’t have midnight snacks tonight so my mind wandered off to last night’s late night food. My brothers, Ane and I agreed to have food delivered AND not order from the usual fast food menu. We decided to try the service of quickdelivery (2121212) and order from Cyma. It was a bold choice because the boys haven’t dined in Cyma. I’ve been craving their Spinach and Artichoke Fondue and I added Chicken Kabobs which is a safe choice IMO. I placed the call around 935pm

My thoughts:

1. The website (where we checked the menu) is user-friendly.

2. I opted to call the hotline instead of ordering online, so we need not register anymore.

3. It took several rings before the agent picked my call.

4. The agent was TH in English it was embarrassing. I wanted to tell him that it is okay to speak in Tagalog (I was speaking to him in Tagalog but he would respond in his TH-trying-to-have-a-twang English.

5. The food arrived more or less an hour from the time of my call, which is their commitment.

6. The food were in microwaveable containers and were not as hot as I imagined them to be. The food were still warm though, which is good enough for us.

7. The quality of food did not deteriorate.

The boys enjoyed the food, I was relieved! Overall, the experience was pleasant and we’ll most likely try the service again.