Another Pie Chart

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am, yet again, exposing my insanity for sharing this:


Because I will say that this happens to me all the time, LOL! I am probably the most boring person you’ll ever know because my stories are long & winding and I can’t deliver a funny punch line. Although in my head, the stories and jokes are properly organized I am not the most effective person to deliver them out loud. That explains the laughter of the voices in my head, I laugh at my absurdity. Hehe. Weird but true. And pathetic! :p


Jhari said...

Natawa naman ako dito teh, haha! Ikaw talaga :)

Kaje said...

makulit ako sa personal Jha :) di lang halata! LOL kasi nga boring din ako madalas hehe

Suzanne said...

Wahaha! I can relate dun sa hindi makadeliver ng funny punch line dahil nauuna ang tawa ko. Hay nakers...Kaya nga we're friends eh. Wahahaha!