Midnight Snack

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Since my “shift” is graveyard, when K is already asleep, I find it necessary to eat after dinner and late at night. Else I won’t be able to make it till morning (exagg!) or will have to make do with coffee. Ane would bring me home food about once or twice a week (depending on his mood, LOL!). One time, he handed me this to-go bag:


In it was a Black Angus Burger! My digestive system is not too keen on beef so I was debating whether to eat it that night or wait until the morning. It being a burger from Charlie’s (and me being a glutton, haha), I obviously chose the former. Yummy! And I was fine the whole night, I just had to wait a few hours before I slept.

A Charlie’s branch recently opened along Ortigas Avenue and I am just glad that it is nearer to us compared to the original one in Kapitolyo. At least it is easier to go to. I cannot wait to try the other items on the menu!