Too Young?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You know how it feels when you seem stuck in a period of time? That’s what happened to me over the weekend! So we attended my inaanak Leisha’s party on Saturday. Her mom is a dear friend from college so our friendship spans about 15 years (yes, I’m old!). One of our conversations went something like this:

O: oh, there’s M (O’s niece), her boyfriend is here!

Me: What?! She has a boyfriend? How old is she anyway?!

O: 16!

Me: Isn’t that too early?!

O: And guess what J has a girlfriend and the girl is also here! (J is M’s brother)

Me: Oh my, how old is he again?!

O: 14!

Me: They sure start early huh, this generation?! (Suddenly scared for my Klaire, swearing she can’t leave the house without me until she’s of age to marry! LOL!)


Badong was amused and just had to butt in…


Badong to Me: How old were you again when you had your first boyfriend, Ne?!

Me: 16! (Oooopppsss!!)

Badong: There. No wonder your parents were freaking out then! Now you know how they must have felt!

Me: :-|


Yes, I am officially old (and old-fashioned)!