Franchise Ice Scramble?

Friday, August 06, 2010

I blogged about a month ago about a childhood street fare that we now get to enjoy without having to worry about Hepa: Ice Scramble. I am not sure if kids these days know of this shaved ice treat. But I guess parents should let the kids try it despite the sugar rush that comes with it, if only to let them experience it :) Here’s a photo of the glorified Ice Scramble available in the mall:

ice scramble with mallows


When I first tried it, I asked the lady manning the booth if they franchise the brand already. Maybe I asked the wrong person because she said no. Interestingly, my brother is in the same online community as the business owner and it was announced in the group that indeed franchising is available. Now let me tell you this, I don’t care if this is just a fad or anything but I think this is one of the best franchise opportunities in the food cart industry today. Given the chance, I will grab the opportunity to invest and find a good spot to sell. I wonder how much the franchising costs? Hhmmmm….