Panasonic LX5

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The husband is aware that I am eyeing a new point and shoot camera.  I am just not that happy with my current one. I am not in a hurry though because 1) I have no budget for that yet, and 2) Ane is not convinced that I need a new one. I’ve always wanted to buy another Lumix (LX3) or try a Canon (S90). So imagine my surprise when upon checking my mails via phone, Ane sent me an email with the subject Panasonic LX5. Now, did he change his mind and is he seriously considering to get me a new camera for Christmas?



The email only had a link that I thought was a review, therefore I was not too keen on clicking it since I was just on my phone. I told myself I will just ask him. Ane arrived from work and I excitedly asked if he changed his mind.

Of course not, he said. He emailed to just inform me that there’s an updated model of the LX3 which is the LX5. And that the link leads to a gallery of sample shots from this camera. Talk about torture eh? That’s my husband’s talent :| LX5, you’ll be mine someday!