Unsafe Joyride

Monday, August 09, 2010

On Saturday, we had the chance to drive through Manila via R10 to Makati. It was one of those rare times, because we usually ply EDSA. And then we saw these teenagers riding the back of a pick-up truck, appallingly unsafe:


I am not saying that this only happens in Manila. It was just a coincidence for us to share the road at that time. I wonder if the parents of these kids know about it? I am quite sure also that this is against the law but we passed by several traffic enforcers and not once were they apprehended. The vehicle was still unregistered so no plates to report but the panels (front and doors) label it to be a barangay property. Now I failed to take a picture of that side because Ane drove by them quickly, and I was not able to note it too.

Oh well, I just wish adults will become more responsible and never allow kids to travel like this.