On Laptops

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The other day, my mom happily told me that the authorized service center replaced her laptop’s system board. Her transaction happened within two weeks and I thought, that was excellent service! Of course she is glad also when this happened sooner than she expected because she thought she would have to buy a netbook for her temporary use. Her problem started when the battery would not charge and it turned out that it was not the battery nor the charger that was the problem. Since we have the same laptop model and we bought our units at the same time, she asked me to have mine checked while it is still within warranty. Fine, I’ve had issues with the battery before but things got better when I bought my table and the unit does not heat up so easily anymore (deserves another post). Reading laptop reviews and also based from the service agent I once talked to, I found out that our specific model’s usually have problems with the battery pack and the charging. Maybe they’re not compatible with the entire unit? We’ll never know. Next time we buy another lappy, I’ll make sure to read the reviews first.