Mild Stroke

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We were kind of wondering why Kuya Kim was not in today’s Showtime Live Episode. I follow his tweets and he did not mention last night about his absence today (Vice Ganda is also currently on leave). We left the house for a quick errand to the bank and when we got home, there are tweets already that Kuya Kim suffered from mild stroke this morning. This saddens me even if I do not know him personally. And it baffles me that someone as active as him, and young too, would suffer a stroke. Based on the tweets early this afternoon, he is still in the hospital and his vital signs are okay but we still need to pray for his speedy recovery.

This is also a reminder that we need to consider each day as if it was our last. Be thankful. Share. Love. Hug.

Have a blessed hump day!