Friday, August 06, 2010

After the promotion, here comes recognition. My Ane made me proud yet again. He texted me yesterday afternoon sharing that he was chosen to receive a company-wide award. The award will be given to 61 individuals chosen from the 600 nominees. There are gift certificates, a trophy and money reward that come with the recognition. These are just little extras because we’re happy enough that his performance at work was given importance. The awards night will be on the 17th, and I must find a dress to wear! I am also thinking of gifts for the husband but he just bought a nice pair of shoes last week (for the promotion). I can probably window shop for men's polo shirts but as far as I know he’s eyeing a computer upgrade and a new game. I’m still debating in my head whether I should give in to that request. He needs to convince me big time, LOL!

Anyway, we thank the Lord for showering us with blessings. July was also a good month for me, work-wise. Truly, God provides! :)


Faye said...

congrats to Badong!:)

Kaje said...

thanks Faye!