Tempura Eat All You Can!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I received an invite from a college barkada via FB and I thought of sharing it here also. Somehow, this excites me because of all shrimp dishes, Ane can only tolerate Tempura otherwise his allergies will act up. But he’s still thinking if we should go. This is in celebration of Saisaki’s Anniversary.


tempura eat all you can!

I think this is already a steal. Add about P200 and you get to eat from the full buffet. Better reserve now because I am sure people will flock to the branches to enjoy this promo. Click on the image if you need the phone numbers of the branches nearest you.


My Saisaki Personal Trivia: I vividly remember my first year HS Grammar teacher, Ms. Asa  would treat students to a Saisaki dinner if they did well in class. We had to work hard to learn 50 new words each week to add to our vocabulary. Toxic but fun times! I never won a dinner slot but I will forever remember Saisaki because once upon a time, I was slaving to learn new words just to be able to experience eating there (my family could not afford it!). I realized though that better than the goal of tasting Japanese food is wider vocabulary :)