Pole Dancing

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My usual Saturday evening tv fix is Talentadong Pinoy. This week, since it is the show’s 2nd anniversary, the contestants are celebrities. Arnel Ignacio played the grand piano. Kakai Bautista sang and performed. Jao Mapa painted. Nyoy Volante played different instruments. Alex Crisano rapped. Shalala did an impersonation in drag. But the biggest surprise was Ciara Sotto’s pole dancing! No wonder she won.


I was so amazed! Her routine was not slutty at all. She was full of grace and her movements were fluid. Now I know she goes to pole dancing classes because she would tweet about the bruises and all but I never realized that she is this good. I’d be happy to do even just half of what she can do, LOL! This is wishful thinking for me though, I probably won’t even be able to climb to start a routine, haha.