Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am currently on a break. Thank God Baby Abi is sleeping at the moment. We were awake (or I was awake) from 1am until 10am. I just couldn't get what she wants. I'm so sore I was crying (deep inside) with her. Before being a mom, when I become uncomfortable I would want to run away and hole up in any of the luxury hotel rooms around the city. But now, everything has changed. I'm all she got. And I'm doing everything that will make her a happy baby. It's frustrating sometimes but the reward is so much more. Just seeing my daughter makes everything soooo worthwhile.

She's been sleeping for close to three hours now and Ane will be home soon. Everything will be okay :)

Thanks Mae :) for always commenting! And to Chikai, I hope everything goes well for you and Li'l Munchkin. Ok lang ma-CS as long as it is safer for both you and the baby! Good luck on the next check-up! :)


Diane said...

Hi mom kaye! I was browsing the net (re:biguerlai review) when I stumbled with your blog. I like it. I'm impressed and glad bumping with a new mom that is so cool. I like the way you post your new experiences as a mom. Saludo ako sayo! I hope someday I'll be one!

Mae said...

welcome uli! hehehe

haaayymishu guys.
payakap kay Klaire. :)

Pretty Life Online said...

Motherhood is priced of God...Hope to see you always around... Have a great day!

Mich said...

welcome to the world of sleepless nights! si andie 3 mos na pero puyat pa din kme. hehehe! but you're right, she is definitely worth it! ;)