Looking back...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have a long post about our weekend but decided to take a break first (I haven't even started writing it, and I'm sure I'm gonna cut the story short out of laziness, LOL!). I'm looking at old pictures and came across the photos of where we used to live in Sta. Mesa back in college.

I can't imagine how we fit in the small space, LOL! The computer area shares the space with the dining area, below the loft stairs. Imagine, liit noh? And I remember at that time, I was "introduced" to online Scrabble where I met The Wonderful man I now call Ane, and also the chatting. I remember my chat sessions with a US Navy man named Edward through ICQ. We used to correspond via emails. LOL! Maybe I can recommend the site to my single friends because I really think meeting people from other countries will widen their horizon, if you catch my drift. Hehe.