My preciouuuussssssss...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's been a week.
I feel so naked.

At first I was okay, thinking that I just left 'em on my dresser in QC. But when we got here on Monday night, I confirmed a nightmare...

I misplaced both my Wedding and Engagement rings!!!

And I can't seem to find them anywhere I look. I know they're just symbols but the sentimental value of the two rings are priceless, right? (I remember the feeling when my diamond studs got stolen, the pair is from my childhood and I was keeping it for my first daughter!). And it sucks that between Ane and me, I'm the one who lost the wedding ring first! Argh.

I'm still not accepting that I've lost my rings forever. I'm still hoping.

Hubby officially grounded me. But I'm hoping he'd change his mind since this is the season to meet friends and I'm not sure I'll still be able to go out after giving birth.


Anonymous said...

found it yet? hala!