Are you ready for Christmas?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

But ready or not, the Holidays are coming up! :) We are kinda tight this year so we are not giving away presents (a.k.a. magtatago sa inaanak, LOL!). Some of my friends understand that we are preparing for the arrival of Dot, and we are actually expecting presents from them, LOL, just kidding! :)

And I see that a lot of houses are already decorated with lights and Christmas stuff (Did you know that you can save more if you use led light bulbs?). Our is really bare, I tell you. It's not that we're not excited or the spirit isn't among us. We don't have decorations, just because. We're all adults here and that's probably why there's no "alarming" need to decorate.

Next year will probably be different coz it's going to be Dot's first Christmas. And I would want that to be special. :)


Anonymous said...

reminds me of my manila life, I have my own apartment.... 'living alone'.... I simply have not celebrated Christmas at all in the past years "no decorations".... mas tipid pa... Lol! Happy weekend sis! when you will give birth nga pala?