Backing up

Saturday, December 27, 2008

After all these months, I finally got the chance to back up the files in my external hard drive. And I'm blogging now while waiting for the copying and the burning to finish. I have lots to burn to CD's today, having about two year's worth of data just saved in my ExHDD and our PC here at home. Bad practice, I know. It's like delaying getting a mortgage life insurance. The analogy sucks, yeah, but I am quite sure I would have died if I lost all of my files, LOL!

I was literally pushed to back up today because just this week, I realized my ExHDD only have about 700mb free space! I couldn't even save a new layout, hah! And I got to sit down on it only today because I can monopolize the PC, now that Ane is out and won't be back until this evening, hehe. Screw Cabal, LOL!

Why I am home alone, I will share in the next post :) I'll just set-up the next burning session...