It's been good.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

December has been good to me -- financially wise. Maybe because I actually took the time to hunt for opportunities. I'm happy because I am able to offer hubby some help in buying Baby Dot's stuff (since I was also able to stop myself from too much online shopping). For that I am very thankful. The downside of it all, though, is that I seem to have zeroed-out my energy for entry writing. I've reached the point of burn-out. I've experienced this before so I'm sure this is just a phase. I just don't know when it will pass, hehe.

Must be the hormones, again.

On a sunny note, all things are looking up! The year 2009 is looming over us and I'm excited. I wonder what the new year will offer us. Aside from welcoming our first-born, will I continue with this little "online business"? Will I grab a small business opportunity? Will I get accepted to a post I applied at a this company? Or will I stay at home while the Princess is still a baby? Only time can tell.

Whatever the Heavens will send my way...