Klaire’s Pedia Visit

Monday, December 07, 2009


Abi’s well-baby check-up was scheduled on November 24. She was also scheduled to have her measles vaccine shot. We were number 4 on the list when we arrived only because the first three kids came together. We were a little too late hehe. And then Dr. A got stuck in heavy traffic jam so we had to wait for more than an hour. Our little K loves people-watching; she likes it when she sees people, especially kids, around. Just do not touch her, LOL! When the nurse had to take her temperature and measurements, she started crying. She is now 8 kilos; she gained 700 grams from the last weigh-in! And she grew 3cms :) She was cheerful the whole time we were waiting for the doctor. All that changed when we entered the office. I still  believe that K remembers Dr. A and he would poke needles at her every time we visit. She’s at the stage when she’s nangingilala (she only prefers me and Aiza; only me when we’re out!) and she was extra anxious at the doctor’s. Doc A even had a hard time listening to her chest and back! It goes without saying that she was squirming when I had to put her on the table, on her tummy so the nurse and doctor can inject the vaccine on her butt. Major cry-fest! Anyway, she was given the a-ok stamp, we just have to look out for those rashes on the face :)