Sensitive skin

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Our little Klaire is not sickly. What worries me the most about her right now, though, is her sensitive skin. She is prone to insect bites and when she is bitten, the skin is left with an ugly mark (which I know will eventually fade anyway). And then there are the rashes, on the face! When the weather gets hot, her face would turn red with rashes. It does not help that when she is cranky, she rubs her face with her hands or on pillows and blankets which irritates the skin more, and her crying makes her face even hotter. The rashes would go away when its cold so her Pedia did not prescribe any ointment.

Last week, we stayed in the wake longer than we should. Ane texted that we should be going home already because the baby started to get really fussy, looking for me. Probably because of too much crying, when we got home Klaire’s face was red with rashes and there were two scratches that turned into wounds. Poor baby. I cannot even let myself take her picture because I don’t want this face in our memory.

Today I noticed that the rash is slowly drying up and going away. I really hope it goes away soon! Sigh.