Christmas gift for the Paintball fanatic

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Won’t you agree that buying a gift for someone can get really challenging but things are made easier if the person is a big fan of something? Take for example my friend who loves playing paintball war games. He hinted to his wife that he would love a new paintball gun and one of the Tippmann A5 Packages would make his Christmas truly memorable. He even directed his wife to the Zephyr website in case the wife cannot afford the gun sets. Everything that has to do with paintball is available in that store. Oh well I think the wife is getting him additional body gear for his safety. I am sure he will equally appreciate that too.


Anonymous said...

Is Klaire a big fan of something? hehehe...Love, Ninang Odes

Kaje said...

nako ninang, she's not particularly a big fan of something. deadma to the world! LOL! all she does is "read", eat, dede, watch tv (bad i know LOL!), and play!

Anonymous said... that makes it challenging all the more! haha. kisses to my little inaanak. miss you both.