Is Robin Dead?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before you panic, let me just say that Robin is my point and shoot camera (if you forgot!). The two of us, we have a love-hate relationship. I actually kept him in the closet for a while because I am not too happy with his output. These days, I content myself with the phone’s camera which works fine to me (except the built-in flash is blinding; now I sound whiny about everything, LOL!). Anyway, we were out for dinner the other day and I decided to bring Robin out. I charged his battery for a couple of hours before leaving the house. But I realized that he won’t turn on anymore :( Is he already dead? Did he die without even giving me signs? The husband will look at him tomorrow (later today?). We might need to bring him to the service center and I really hope it is just corroded battery. I hope he recovers!