Gold Coins

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Halloween Party in our neighborhood is happening on Monday. It is early this year as we usually have it every last day of October. I guess the officers are taking advantage of the holiday (Elections). Trick or Treat happens after the party. We have purchased the candies, and later we will put them in paper bags already. I have also printed the tags. I think the loot bag contents are already sufficient. There are lollies, cookies, jelly sticks and chocolate gold coins.

(Speaking of gold coins, did you know that investing in this precious metal is apparently the “in” thing these days? I have yet to review the information sent to me. I am sure we cannot afford it at this time but it is nice to have the information handy)

Anyway, I am preparing 60 loot bags but since I was not given the exact count of the kids, we need to buy some more candies just in case :) I am the party’s going to be a blast!