Ready for Trick or Treat (?)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As early as August, my friends and I were already looking at halloween costumes in an online store. We knew it was still early, but by standards of overseas online shoppers, it was just the perfect time to shop. It takes weeks in transit and by the time the shipment arrives, Trick or Treat events would be starting in a few days. There was one costume that caught my attention but there was no size yet available for little K. So I asked a seamstress to make one for her instead, similar to the one I saw in the online store.

The costume was delivered on Sunday. It is not a perfect replica but it will do. :)

My problem now is that K would not even try it on (except the headband)! Oh no! I sure hope it is just a phase and that she will agree to wear it for her October 25 and 29 parties (we are still looking for an event on October 31). The stage-mother in me is starting to worry. I really wish the little girl will change her mind and find the outfit appealing.


Suzanne said...

Ngak. Ganun ba?

Abi, sige na. Make your nanay happy. :)