2013 Projects

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Since I was able to do the Photo-a-day project from December 2011-November 2012, I plan to take a few steps up and commit to more memory-keeping projects in the coming year. I have two one-liner journals on hand, and I’ve decided to continue doing PAD. There’s Instagram for random daily pictures and of course K’s quotable quotes that I also post in IG. I also downloaded a gratitude app which I started last month. I feel like I’m going to stress over these projects but I’m keeping my eye on the prize: that my girls will remember the days of their childhood through my memory. I also plan to write letters to my girls.
And that’s not all. I also plan to learn new skills. It may not be on the levels of gourmet cooking, but I plan to practice calligraphy and probably some sewing. With these in mind, 2013 sure seems busy.