Fifty Shades of Grey

Monday, July 09, 2012


Yes, I joined the bandwagon and finished all three books. It started out as curiosity, turned disgust, to wanting to hug Grey for all that he went through. I do not consider this trilogy a work of art. I even found it trashy  and badly-written. I think the author could have used a wider vocabulary because I got tired reading the same adjectives over and over again. I honestly skimmed half the entire trilogy because I never cared about how sexually driven Christian and Ana have been (seriously, where do they get all that energy, huh?). Good thing I didn’t have to buy the paperback version, else I will just throw them out anyway.

What made me finish it despite what I just said? I wanted to understand why Grey became the man that was portrayed in the story. I wanted to look into his mind and his past. And the author did not disappoint on that part, IMO. However, this is not something that I will read again in the future unlike all the other books that I really like.