Effective Communication between Doctors using Doximity

Friday, January 20, 2012

We were talking about Obstetricians this morning (my uncle’s wife was asking for referrals) and I remembered someone I know who had a falling out with her OB. She had to change doctors so near her EDD because her OB scheduled a trip around the time she was about to give birth. Her OB did not want to release her records so she could find another doctor. Maybe if Doximity was already available that time, the two doctors would have settled it between themselves?

What is Doximity? It is an application that is a private, secured and exclusive network between doctors. It is free available through the internet, iPhone and Android phones. Only Physicians are allowed to join and there is a 3-step credential verification process to make sure only doctors get into the network. Once a member, a doctor can just search for another doctor, say Binh Nguyen MD, then just send a private message and ask pertinent questions about the patient.

I  am sure the physicians will appreciate this application because it is easier plus real-time responses are possible.