Thursday, August 02, 2012

Look what Typhoon Gener did and is doing to my hometown.

photo credit Jeztner Sta. Ana

This shot was already at one of the highest areas of the town and look, they need boats to get by! Almost all homes are submerged in flood water and it is not helping that the tide is high too (Obando is located by the Manila Bay). It is not unusual for furniture, appliances and even patio cushions and cars to be elevated. You gotta save what can be saved. Our area is kind of spared because the water has not entered our house yet but they are ready to raise some stuff if need be. I called my Dad and he said they’re okay. He’s more worried about those who are not so lucky. I think he feels helpless that he can’t help them. I told him to not think too much about it because in reality, he is in the same predicament as the others. I am more worried about the elderly and the kids. I just hope some relief goods reach the families as I heard they are getting hungry already.

Let us all pray for the victims of Gener.


photo credit Jeztner Sta. Ana