Storage Space

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I saw this kitchen with oak cabinets and I remembered the thought I posted in FB a few weeks back:


So I was thinking about our future home and I posted in FB if I really would like to have lots and lots of storage space when we build our home. See, we’ve changed houses three times in the last ten years (we’re renting in the big city) and I always always wish we have more storage space to stow our stuff in. Then it dawned on me that maybe we don’t need so much space. Maybe we need to purge our stuff at least every three months? It has something to do with my attitude: out of sight, out of mind. I tend to keep things in bags and cabinets for “checking later when there’s more time” and the “later” almost always never come. So those things become useless or turn into trash in the long run, when I could have thrown them out or given away from the beginning. You get my drift? I think I don’t need extra cabinets because they will just give me reason to procrastinate. What I need is functional and enough storage, that which I can manage and keep clutter-free all the time.