J Co. Donuts

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have been bugging Badong to please bring me to Megamall so we could try the donuts at J Co. He would just shrug me off saying that I never liked Megamall’s thick crowd, which is true. But one day, he came home from work with a box of dozen donuts! Yay! He said that his manager treated the team and he sent money too so we can buy too. See, there’s big savings when you buy two dozens, so it is just practical to find another who is wiling to buy a box also.

What can I say? These sweeties did not disappoint! I love the green tea flavor, no aftertaste to it. I loved everything that I tasted, I think I ate 5 of the twelve! Definitely, I will ask Badong to buy again but only if we have a partner to buy the other dozen ;)