No Dancers?

Friday, January 14, 2011

We were watching the news last night when I read a friend’s tweet about how weird for Willing Willie to not have the regular dancers on stage. So we switched channels and true enough, it was just Ana, the group’s choreographer who was doing the usual dancers’ jobs. I asked Ane if he knows about it, he said that he read somewhere that the regular dancers were suspended for fighting amongst themselves. I say they better clean up their act, otherwise they will lose their work and get fat. I am sure they will scramble to find which diet pills really work when that happens, for lack of regular exercise and depression.

I read a news page this morning and found out the reason for their suspension, apparently an indefinite one. The host, Willie, was saying that the dancers keep on fighting each other, even fighting publicly on Twitter. Not a sign of being professional, eh? Willie even divulged that each talent receives P40,000 a month plus a car to use. Certainly, that’s more than a minimum wage earner gets per month, so they are considered lucky. If they do return, I hope they have learned a truly valuable lesson.


willing willie said...

miss ko na girls